Quercus Technologies Achieves 99.7% Reliability with UK License Plates

Quercus Technologies achieves a high accuracy rate despite inherent difficulties in reading UK license plates.

Quercus Technologies is continuously improving the recognition of license plates in existing regions and countries and aims to increase the list further, in response to new customer demands. The SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras, which control access to numerous car parks around the world, have once again proven their high reliability after analyzing a sample of over 3,000 UK license plates, with a 99.7% success rate.

This accuracy rate has been calculated by discarding only those recognitions that have resulted in an error regarding a single character due to the placement of dark-colored fixing screws on UK license plates, 1% of the total. This indicates that in the case of wanting to use an n-1 comparison for automatic access, the operation would be optimal and the probabilities of being right are infinitely higher than the probabilities of an unauthorized vehicle accessing the facilities.

It is well known that the placement of the fixing screws in the UK causes alterations to ANPR parking systems, as explained in more detail in the University of Hertfordshire article. As an example, an "S" can be interpreted as a "G" due to the location of the fixing screw.

Throughout the year, Quercus Technologies' research and development and customer service departments, prioritize our customers' needs and interests and continue to improve the recognition rates of our products in all regions and continue creating new recognized countries. Some of the highlights of in 2020 are the improvements in license plate recognition in Belgium, Germany, Australia, Russia, Mexico, and some states of the United States, such as Arizona and Colorado, as well as the integration of new license plate models into our reading engine from locations including Iceland, Sri Lanka, Nebraska, and Mexico City.

At Quercus Technologies we understand that evidence is more important than words, and that is why we constantly provide data that is relevant to our customers and our industry. We provide the customer with a performance analysis of their facilities, among other services offered.

About Quercus Technologies

Quercus LogoQuercus Technologies offers optimal solutions for any type of parking facility, maximizing efficiency in its management, and improving the customer's parking experience. The company develops and manufactures highly technological products that aim to improve mobility and security in parking facilities and it is known worldwide for its highly reliable license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Quercus' solutions include All-in-one LPR units, parking guidance, and LPR-based spot monitoring units, light per space systems, LED displays, kiosks, and the innovative software parking suite, BirdWatch, that relies on all these smart technologies and provides total control of parking facilities.


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