Boosting Efficiency And Security With Quercus: License Plate Readers At The Porto Bus Terminal

In an effort to improve the operational efficiency and bolster security at the Porto bus terminal, one of Portugal’s main stations, a project has been carried out to install license plate recognition cameras at all of its vehicle access points. This technology, provided by Quercus, is an innovative solution for access control and vehicle management in the terminal parking facility.

Read on to discover more about how these license plate recognition cameras are transforming the user experience and optimizing operations.

  • Improved vehicle management:

The main purpose of installing license plate recognition units is to streamline vehicle management in the terminal parking facility. These cameras can automatically, and accurately, recognize vehicle license plates, eliminating the need for human intervention in the access control and logging process. This advanced technology expedites vehicle flow and cuts user waiting times, significantly improving drivers’ experience.

  • Security reinforced:

In addition to facilitating vehicle management, license plate recognition cameras play a key role in security. Thanks to their capacity to automatically identify vehicle license plates, any unauthorized entry or by a suspicious vehicle can be detected and logged. This helps keep up a safe, protected environment for users as well as employees.

  • Advanced integration and functionalities:

The LPR system implemented in this parking facility has advanced characteristics that optimize its functionality and performance. These cameras come integrated with smart parking software that enables exhaustive follow-up of vehicle flow, generation of statistical reports, detection of counterfeit license plates and the storage of data gathered for later analysis. This valuable information facilitates decision-making and efficient planning of resources in parking management.

  • Data logging:

The compilation of accurate data on vehicle flow is one of the main advantages of license plate detection units and the parking software platform. These systems empower operators to log and store relevant information, such as vehicle entry and exit times, and the duration of the parking stay. This information is not only useful for the operational management of the parking facility, it can also be used to make strategic decisions, optimize resource allocation and improve the user experience.

In short, the installation of license plate detection units has brought a whole slate of user benefits. Travelers enjoy a more dynamic, hassle-free parking process, cutting wait times and adding convenience. Further, the terminal benefits from greater operational efficiency and more secure access control. Once again, this project shows how technological innovation in parking can make a tangible difference in the efficiency and quality of services provided to users.

About Quercus Technologies

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Quercus Technologies manufactures and markets smart vehicle detection units based on advanced computer vision algorithms, which aim at improving mobility and security in parking facilities. 

Quercus products are based on highly technological computer vision algorithms and include All-in-One license plate recognition units, overview cameras and digital video recorders. We market our LPR units exclusively to system integrators and one of our aims is to help them get the maximum benefit from our products and contribute to the success of their projects. Quercus provides customers with added-value services such as certificate professional training and on-site technical support to help them to get the most of our leading edge technology.


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