Quercus Technologies Complete Successful Projects in New York, Madrid and Israel

Quercus’ Most Recent Projects Include Israel’s Busiest International Airport, Ben Gurion (TLV)

Quercus Technologies has eased access and increased security at the Traffic Academy of Mérida

Quercus Technologies showcases its global reach with projects successfully complete across the globe. Most recently Quercus' Smart LPR Access cameras have transformed parking facilities in Spain, the USA, and Israel.

The Smart LPR Access integrates everything necessary to provide the highest reliability rates in license plate recognition, and the web-based configuration and remote control zoom lens make the installation easier than ever.

The Traffic Academy of Mérida

Entrance to the Traffic Academy of Mérida

Two Smart LPR Access have been installed at the entry and exit of the Traffic Academy of Mérida car park, whose use is exclusive to employees. With this installation, Quercus Technologies’ cameras provide automatic access to the institution staff with the ‘White List’ option. They also help to ease the access queues, increasing the fluency inside the parking facility, as well as its security.

Plaza de Castilla Court

Exterior of a multistory office building, showing steps up to the entrance

Car park access at Plaza de Castilla Court in Madrid is now optimized by SmartLPR Access cameras at the entry and exit of the parking facility. The installation of these Quercus Technologies products eases the automatic access to the employees; furthermore, it increases the security and control of the premises by using license plate recognition.

The Westchester, New York

Exterior of the car park at Westchester Shopping Mall, vehicles enter and exit

The ultimate shopping destination in the metropolitan New York region has installed 20 SmartLPR Access cabinet model units at its car park. The shopping center, which is located at White Plains, has more than 150 stores.

Quercus products are an added value to the customer experience from the moment they get to the facilities until they go out. The highly reliable license plate recognition at the entries and exits increases the security of the building and it generates very useful data for the shopping center parking manager.

Ben Gurion Airport (TLV), Israel 

Night time aerial view of Ben Gurion Airport

The busiest international airport in Israel has been equipped with 124 SmartLPR Access cameras. The Ben Gurion Airport has now optimized access to the premises, increasing security and car control in the car park.

About Quercus Technologies

Quercus Technologies logo

Quercus Technologies manufactures and markets smart vehicle detection units based on advanced computer vision algorithms, which aim at improving mobility and security in parking facilities. 

Quercus products are based on highly technological computer vision algorithms and include All-in-One license plate recognition units, overview cameras, and digital video recorders. We market our LPR units exclusively to system integrators and one of our aims is to help them get the maximum benefit from our products and contribute to the success of their projects. Quercus provides customers with added-value services such as certificate professional training and on-site technical support to help them to get the most out of our leading-edge technology.


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