IGK6 Intel Campus: Innovative Technology for an Outdoor Parking Facility With Quercus

IGK6 Intel Campus: Innovative Technology for an Outdoor Parking Facility With Quercus

INTEL Poland is known as a leading technological company, and its parking project is clear proof of that reputation. This large, complex parking facility, with capacity for 1,693 spaces, required innovative, cutting-edge technology to ensure proper operation. That is why it was decided to install 28 SmartLPR Access license plate recognition units for the LPR Area system, attesting to the company’s commitment to using state-of-the-art technology. With this implementation, INTEL proves its focus on providing advanced, efficient solutions in parking management.

L&T and Hochtief Poland, our key partners in this joint project, played a vital role in its success. Their experience and cooperation facilitated the implementation of a parking solution that meets the highest requisites and standards of quality.

In this project, a combination of outdoor parking guidance technologies was deployed with the aim of creating a highly efficient, precise system, providing users with a unique experience. This guidance system empowers them to easily find available parking spaces without driving aimlessly around the parking lot, reducing the time devoted to searching for a space and streamlining traffic flows. It also provides real-time information on the vehicles using the parking facility, giving the operator the power of in-depth usage monitoring and guaranteeing added security for all users.


The LPR Area system is responsible for the identification of the vehicles entering and exiting a given area of the parking lot by detecting their license plates, and enabling accurate monitoring of the parked vehicles. This function is especially useful in outdoor areas, where finding a parking space can be especially difficult without proper directions, especially in a lot as large and segmented as the IGK6 building. LPR Area is a key feature that forms part of the BirdWatch parking software platform. With the data collected by this tool, parking facility operators will always have an accurate vehicle inventory and ensure that occupancy data are up-to-date at all times.

In addition, induction loops were also installed as recommended by Quercus to improve the ability of the SmartLPR Access cameras to detect abnormal car movements within the zones.

The key role played by the API in this parking project cannot be overlooked. The API, a set of rules and protocols for communication among different software applications, facilitates interaction among the various management systems used in the company’s parking facility. The parking applications can connect and communicate efficiently and securely with the BirdWatch platform through the API. These applications can access a number of functions and data provided by the software system, such as the availability of parking spaces, real-time information on the occupancy status and payment management. 

Last, as an example of our commitment to the successful implementation of this project, a Quercus technical support team traveled to Poland to conduct the on-site start-up. Our team of experts traveled to the installation site to ensure a fluid implementation and personalized support. During their stay, they worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the local team, providing technical support, running exhaustive tests and making sure that all system functionalities were completely operational. This dedication shows our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in the implementation of our projects.

About Quercus Technologies

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Quercus Technologies manufactures and markets smart vehicle detection units based on advanced computer vision algorithms, which aim at improving mobility and security in parking facilities. 

Quercus products are based on highly technological computer vision algorithms and include All-in-One license plate recognition units, overview cameras and digital video recorders. We market our LPR units exclusively to system integrators and one of our aims is to help them get the maximum benefit from our products and contribute to the success of their projects. Quercus provides customers with added-value services such as certificate professional training and on-site technical support to help them to get the most of our leading edge technology.


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