Quercus Technologies’ Parking Guidance System Speeds Up Parking at Brazilian Shopping Centre Pátio Higienópolis

Pátio Higienópolis' Parking More Efficient Than Ever Thanks to Quercus Technologies

- São Paulo, Brazil
Pátio Higienópolis Shopping Centre Brazil installed indoor and outdoor camera-based parking guidance from Quercus Technologies

Pátio Higienópolis joins the list of shopping centers that use the parking solutions provided by Quercus Technologies. These commercial facilities, located in São Paulo, have a variety of restaurant businesses, shops, cinemas, theaters, and even a gym for its users. There are many users who circulate through this shopping center on a daily basis, and therefore, it was crucial to optimize its parking facilities with a parking guidance system, which considerably benefits the final customer and the car park operator.

Currently, the 1,205 parking spaces in the parking area benefit from the control and security provided by the vehicle detection parking sensors installed in the center of the car park aisles. A total of 472 SC Indoor units have been installed throughout the car park, helping to locate all vehicles parking in the mall by recognizing license plates in each of the parking spaces.

In order to guarantee agile mobility and control at the entrances and exits of the shopping center, 12 SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras have also been included. One of the main A camera displaying green and purple lights in a white box at the entry lane of a parking garagebenefits of this product is the infallible detection of fraudulent parking access attempts and false claims, as the status of the vehicle is recorded on camera when entering and leaving the car park. The global parking system has the necessary information to know where users’ vehicles are at any given moment and even offers the possibility of reserving their parking space in advance with their license plate number. At the same time, the external guidance system LPR Area has been included for correct guidance in the exterior areas of the shopping center. This product enables vehicles to be located by recognizing their number plates and guides them to the outside areas of the building.

The 50 led displays installed at different key points in the car park help the driver to know how many spaces are available and where to find them. In this way, comfortable and fast parking management is ensured, reducing the time spent searching for a parking space and guaranteeing a pleasant experience for the user. In this way, the circulation inside the car park is decongested and the emission of CO2 is reduced, as well as the need for ventilation to clean the air inside the facilities.

LED signage attached to parking garage ceiling displaying free parking spaces and reading: VIP 38 G1 242 G2 263 and G3 356

In short, there are several benefits of investing in smart parking solutions, including a camera-based parking guidance system with perfect aesthetic integration for modern parking facilities with state-of-the-art technology. There are many markets in which we work, but shopping centers are one of the most common because the car park provides a first impression of the facilities that match the rest of the end user's perfect experience.

About Quercus Technologies

Quercus LogoQuercus Technologies offers optimal solutions for any type of parking facility, maximizing efficiency in its management, and improving the customer's parking experience. The company develops and manufactures highly technological products that aim to improve mobility and security in parking facilities and it is known worldwide for its highly reliable license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Quercus' solutions include All-in-one LPR units, parking guidance, and LPR-based spot monitoring units, light per space systems, LED displays, kiosks, and the innovative software parking suite, BirdWatch, that relies on all these smart technologies and provides total control of parking facilities.


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