SmartLPR Access NA license plate recognition units now at Carpark 49, Toronto

Toronto, Canada

The Toronto Parking Authority reopened Carpark 49, a former surface parking lot that is now a 153-space modern parking garage. Our SmartLPR Access NA units for license plate recognition are placed at the entries/exits of the newly modernized Carpark 49 parking garage, allowing vehicle access based on license plate information.

After the completion of our first project in Ontario, we are extremely proud of the amazing work done by our software developers which has been of utmost importance for achieving good recognition rates in such a complicated scenario. According to our LPR-engine Chief Developer, Úrsula González, "Ontario plates combined with the weather conditions of Eastern Canada required a very specific work in order to extract the plate information despite of the salt, dust and air bubbles. However, working to cope with this type of elements always helps us improve the performance of our units".

Our SmartLPR Access NA units provide high license plate recognition rates even for complex plates as the Canadian ones, being able of analyzing the particular features of the plates (the colour of the characters, of the background, etc.) and associate them with the Canadian state to which they belong.

About the company

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Quercus Technologies manufactures and markets smart vehicle detection units based on advanced computer vision algorithms, which aim at improving mobility and security in parking facilities. 

Quercus products are based on highly technological computer vision algorithms and include All-in-One license plate recognition units, overview cameras and digital video recorders. We market our LPR units exclusively to system integrators and one of our aims is to help them get the maximum benefit from our products and contribute to the success of their projects. Quercus provides customers with added-value services such as certificate professional training and on-site technical support to help them to get the most of our leading edge technology.

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