The new SmartLPR® Access by Quercus Technologies

SmartLPR® Access ANPR Unit by Quercus

Quercus Technologies has developed a new ANPR unit, an All-in-One automatic number plate recognition system that provides colour recognition, useful for reading at the same time both the number and the state of an US license plate, for instance. The new SmartLPR® Access unit provides the automatic recognition of the characters of number plates and the state to which they belong by means of a complex heuristic approach.

Advanced algorithms take into account different elements, such as grammar and font type, position of characters, image and colours of each number plate. Reading US number plates represents a big challenge as the license plates have the name of the state they belong to (or an image representing it) printed on them. Therefore, the colour-reading feature is highly important as detecting the state is crucial for a correct license plate reading in the US.

Quercus’s new system has also been used in regions such as Abu Dhabi. Number plates in Abu Dhabi often share the same characters and colour is used to differentiate between plates from different series.

The new SmartLPR® Access is a breakthrough on the ANPR market and aims at making parking management easier and more reliable.

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Quercus Technologies develops and manufactures highly technological products which aim at improving mobility and traffic safety. Product applications are focused on parking, traffic, enforcement and security areas. Quercus products include All-in-One license plate recognition units, overview cameras and digital video recorders, virtual-loop based traffic sensors and non intrusive red light cameras.


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