Interview about Future Trends for the Parking Enforcement Market in 2016

Hila Freiman-Kareev, Vice President Marketing and Business Development at Safer Place

Interview with Hila Freiman-Kareev, Vice President Marketing and Business Development at Safer Place about the future trends in the parking enforcement market 2016

There is no doubt that the parking industry is revolutionized in the past years and is being transformed by technology that is increasing operational efficiency and raising customer expectations.

At Safer Place we see several upcoming trends in the parking enforcement sector.

2016 trends in the parking enforcement market

The first trend is that we see more and more technologies being implemented. In 2016 we will see a larger move towards innovative technologies that improve enforcement programs and processes. More digital, paperless and online work which will result in increased accuracy, productivity and back office processes such as collection, legal processes and so on.

The second trend is that we see more and more remote work. In addition we will see that the officers will work remotely rather than on street walking by foot. You will see different web enabled parking enforcement monitoring devices.

The third trend that we have identified is that there will be new policies and regulations. Today the municipalities not necessarily have full programs focussing on where exactly the enforcement should take place and how.

Municipalities will implement new policies for example on-street commercial loading zones, and another policy may be primary enforcement at key in core areas and lessen as parking moves to peripheral areas. Something very interesting that we see is that legal organizations are far behind the technology advancement. The authorities may need to adapt new regulations to fit the reality.

The last trend that we see is that there is greater synergy with traditional parking meters. We will see stronger synergy between the enforcement market and the parking payment option.. The implementation of any new technology will allow the continuation of traditional meter usage allowing to efficiently enforce paid parking, while increasing the availability of parking spaces. The synergy between the parking meters and the enforcement solutions will enhance short term parking replacement cycles increasing downtown parking availability.

Market development

If technology becomes more dominant we will see a shift to international players in domestic controlled markets. The enforcement program is needed in every territory. Local laws and regulations are different, and thus we see mostly only local players in each territory. This will change, and companies will expand to other countries.
We will also see growing collaboration between parking and transportation decision makers which in no doubt will pave the way to solve mobility problems. Joint work of traffic regulations and parking regulations within the municipalities is inevitable.

Safer Place in 2016

Safer Place’s revolutionary video-based platform provides tools for law enforcement agencies to efficiently enforce a wide range of High-Risk parking and traffic violations. From one single unified platform the authorities can focus on high risk violations such as not yielding the right of way, crossing solid line, not following traffic signs, texting while driving, illegal turns, illegal parking and many others. This platform improves many otherspublic order, safety on the roads, productivity of the officers, efficiency of the processes and simplifying the collection and legal processes as well. Safer Place’s expertise and knowhow in the enforcement market with the lead of innovative technologies will in no doubt support our customers to enjoy the benefits as mentioned earlier.

We will continue offering our customers these advanced solutions to address their needs of improved safety on the roads for pedestrians and drivers, of increased efficiency and productivity of the personnel both in the field and in the back office processes, and reduce operational costs in the legal process. We will leverage our expertise in our international extension. This is exactly where customer wishes to have a partner with special know-how, enforcement expertise, innovative technology and with successful experience and proven technology.

And we will continue to expand to new geographies and also develop new solutions and set of features, to support our customers, prospects and new policies and regulations implemented in local markets.

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Safer Place is an international player developing, an innovative, award-winning video-based technology platform to enhance traffic and parking violation enforcement. Our unified platform detects a wide range of high-risk dangerous driving violations and is backed by a complete suite of applications and expert professional services.


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