SELEA: An iZero Effect Solution

A Solution That Fits the Smart Parking Market and in General the Access Control of Both Light and Heavy Vehicles

Selea has developed highly reliable products becoming the main partner of companies such as Siemens, Skidata, Faac and HUB Parking.

The main objective of the smart parking market is to reduce costs and times, increase safety and automate processes in controlling vehicle entrances, both in public and private facilities. This market has been growing in recent years and offers operators an opportunity for both business and economic growth.

License plate recognition (LPR) is increasingly being used in the field of smart parking, particularly in combination with applications (Apps) that allow users to know in advance how many free spaces are available at several municipal car parks located in a specific area towards which people intend to go. This prevents vehicles from wasting time finding a free space (polluting and creating traffic) and to avoid, as often happens, that they end up parking in prohibited areas, double parking or on the side of the carriageway thus hindering traffic.

License plate recognition, however, is not just about parking (municipal parking lots, airports, trade fairs, etc.), it also concerns access control to Government institutions, health facilities, companies and the hospitality sector, such as hotels, camp-sites, tourist villages, residences: markets that are discovering how a single tool, such as a license plate recognition camera, avoids having to:

  • Buy hundreds of magnetic badges to give to customers, (such as in campsites or hotels for example)
  • Waste time in managing codes, returns and loss of badges
  • Physically check who enters and leaves, to make sure that it is actually the vehicle to which permission to enter has been granted

Among all the technologies available to access facilities with your vehicle, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is the one that offers the best savings in time, management, and safety. This is especially true when compared with devices such as remote controls, RFID tags, codes or magnetic badges, as these elements can be easily transferred to unauthorized persons or vehicles.

However, an essential point is worth noting. We need to be very careful in this framework because not all license plate reading cameras are fit for the intended purpose, even if they appear to be on paper.

Customers may consider the price to be an important factor, yet it is equally important (if not more) to have "zero problems", or to be able to count on a "perfect" reading and recognition system, even when the plate is dirty, creased, with deteriorated characters, at night, day, with sun, rain, snow or fog.

image of a car with LPR technology

An Advantageous Solution?

Selea has developed highly reliable products stemming from technological evolution and matured in the high traffic entrance and exit parking sector, allowing them to become the main partner of companies such as Siemens, Skidata, Faac and Hub Parking.

Selea's technological innovation is called iZERO: an ANPR-OCR column for automatic license plate reading, aesthetically refined, easy and quick to install, which easily integrates into all access control management systems, offering superlative performance in terms of reading accuracy (99.9%) for a zero effect solution: zero errors, zero problems, zero surprises.

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image of a smart parking ANPR-OCR cameras from SELEA


SELEA is specialized in the manufacture of license plate reading solutions, both for vehicle access control and traffic monitoring.
All of our products, embedded systems with multiple video analysis algorithms (such as vehicle type, colour and make and model), are developed and manufactured entirely in Italy. This means that our customers benefit from continuous and comprehensive technical support. To learn more, visit our website


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