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We are manufacturers of ANPR-OCR cameras that incorporate (embedded systems) multiple video analysis algorithms for:

  • reading the number plate,
  • reading hazard identification number (Kemler-UN),
  • and recognition of make, model, type of vehicle, country, colour, direction and speed.

We offer a wide range of OCR products for the parking and access control sector, as well as for the traffic analysis and city and road safety sector.

Know-how, Research & Development (algorithms, firmware and software), design and manufacture (hardware), are 100% made in Selea (Italy).

We like to call ourselves business partners, not only because our design departments make themselves available to provide solutions designed to meet the different needs and differentiate our customers' offers, but also because our focus is on developing products that are ever closer to zero value: zero errors, zero surprises, zero wasted time, zero problems.

We have been on the market for more than 20 years and in Italy alone we have successfully installed more than 15,000 OCR number plate reading cameras. In parking, we work with partners such as Came, Honeywell, Hub Parking, Skidata, Siemens, Tyco.

We sell our products through distribution partners.

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DESIGN: cameras and hardware electronic circuits
DEVELOPMENT: software solutions
R&D: video analysis and AI algorithms

Company information

Headquarters location Via Aldo Moro, 69
46019 Cicognara (MN)
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  • Access Control
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Licence Plate Readers
  • License Plate Camera
  • License Plate Recognition
  • OCR Software
  • Parking Management Solutions
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Software Services

Product information

Access Controlimage of parking control

Out of all the various solutions available, why is it advised to propose a number plate recognition system for access control?
The main reasons are undoubtedly based on SIMPLICITY OF USE and a higher level of SECURITY, by preventing opening/closing devices such as remote controls/codes from being shared between people and in the worst case scenario, the danger of ending up in the wrong hands.

A useful and secure solution for everyone, especially for those who have to manage a large number of customers such as Campsites, Hotels, and Apartment complexes. These establishments often find themselves having to deal with issues such as devices being lost or given to unauthorised third parties. A number plate recognition system is the perfect solution to such problems. Working autonomously with a single scan of the number plate itself, it saves the user money, there is no need to purchase of a large number of remote controls or similar devices and it offers countless benefits in terms of more efficient and secure access management.

Urban securityimage of smart city

In urban security, as well as in access control, is it possible to identify a determining factor?

We know that price is a key aspect of a purchase decision making process and is important for everyone, but statistics show that it doesn’t always correlate to greater savings and, above all, it is not the factor that will lead you to make the best choice.

In reality, with tens of thousands of transits per day, recorded on most city arterial roads, the less accurate the camera is, the more reading errors occur that accumulate in the databases every day; the end result being security staff are faced with serious problems caused by such imprecision.

Tens of thousands of erroneous data that, both for public safety and for investigations, represent a real security problem. So, it is fair to ask yourself if it is right to focus only on the apparent lower initial cost for the purchase or if it is more profitable to invest directly in detection tools that ensure high quality and outstanding product performance.

Selea is firmly convinced that precision is the key factor in creating an integrated urban security system to support those involved in protecting citizens as well as spending public money wisely.

Softwareimage of software

The software, extensions and apps developed by SELEA are designed to maximise performance in the security sector. Reporting, alerting, recording, analysing, and tracking are just some of the features offered by SELEA solutions. In this section we present what we can offer to our customers, both in the field of integrated urban security, including a set of exclusive functions for Police Forces, and for the area of access control and parking management.

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