SELEA: The Control of Heavy-Duty Vehicles

One of the problems often encountered in heavy-duty vehicle access control is the different number plates placed on the tractor part compared to that placed at the rear of the trailer.

In fact, it is not unusual to find oneself confronted by a tractor plate of one nationality and a trailer plate belonging to a completely different nationality. This mismatch places several companies in the position of having to check both license plate numbers in order to prevent one vehicle from improperly (or unintentionally) taking possession of a trailer intended for another hauler.

While the recognition of tractor front plates almost never gives rise to reading issues, the recognition of trailer plates, on the other hand, often presents critical reading conditions, as they are often:

  • very dirty
  • creased or deformed
  • partially hidden under protruding platforms

To overcome these conveniences, Selea has developed high-precision readout cameras capable of guaranteeing a license plate reading with an accuracy of more than 99 percent even in challenging license plate conditions.

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SELEA is specialized in the manufacture of license plate reading solutions, both for vehicle access control and traffic monitoring.
All of our products, embedded systems with multiple video analysis algorithms (such as vehicle type, colour and make and model), are developed and manufactured entirely in Italy. This means that our customers benefit from continuous and comprehensive technical support. To learn more, visit our website


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