SenSen Leads Parking Industry with Latest Mobile LPR Enhancements

Mobile LPR Enhancements

Parking violations continue to be a problem for most cities and towns. And as these cities and towns grow, so has the need to effectively manage congestion, traffic violations, and parking scarcity through robust parking enforcement strategies. However, current mobile LPR solutions possess two key challenges: they require constant human supervision and lack of contextual information related to issued citations.’s latest updates in Mobile License Plate Recognition (MLPR) solution, SenFORCE, powered by the Live Awareness Platform, is here to make huge difference. This robust system is redefining parking enforcement, keeping you informed with real-time alerts, voice command, automatic zone selection, distraction-free operation, and intelligent decision-making for smarter, more efficient cities.

Central to SenSen’s intelligent enforcement approach is a sophisticated multi-camera, multi-sensor system that seamlessly amalgamates data from diverse sources providing visual, spatial, and contextual information for an unprecedented level of situational awareness. The system automatically recognizes and enforces rules in complex zones to detect vehicles out of compliance with local ordinance enabling parking officers to enforce the infraction on-spot or send ticket by mail.

In addition to the collection of licence plates, it also collects a range of additional data, including context images that show if the vehicle is occupied, as well as a clear image of the vehicle's valve stems with GPS location of the detected vehicle, and specify which business rule the vehicle is in violation of without any input from the operator. It enables users to capture data and displays the collection of all alerts captured by the current user, along with the corresponding details of each alert.

Leveraging AI Co-pilot feature, officers can operate the system using their voice, without needing to use physical buttons or touch screens to avoid distractions while driving. It helps officers to add voice annotations to provide additional context or feedback for later investigation while recording summary of the routes taken during each scanning session and a marker indicating where the detection is captured.

Enhanced evidence collection is paramount in parking enforcement and SenSen’s MLPR provides users with a hi-res virtual walk around and Al enhanced regulation evidence. It helps to capture clear plate images even in low-light conditions while providing contextual evidence images with background and signage for each alert. It also attaches voice note recorded via force capture, and windscreen shots to check for the presence of drivers, disability permits or other permits.

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sensenAbout SenSen:

SenSen is a pioneer in developing the world’s first Live Awareness AI Platform to make business operations safer and more efficient. The system works by using AI to analyse data from cameras and sensors that are monitoring physical spaces and combine it with contextually relevant digital enterprise data to create a more efficient & safer world. 

SenSen solutions are reducing congestion, improving road and personal safety and enhancing quality of life in leading cities around the world including Chicago, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Calgary, Singapore, Adelaide and Brisbane. It is also saving millions of dollars every year for major fuel retail brands including Ampol, Chevron, Liberty and Woolworths

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