Park Sentry Gives Valet Operators One Less Thing to Worry About

Park Sentry is ideally suited to valet parking operations, reducing damage to vehicles and the garage itself

For valet operators and parking garage operators, dents and minor collisions are a fact of life. A fact of life that creates a loss of time and expense that in the long run adds up to be a significant drain on income and resources. Facility owners looking for a solution to keep the damages and costs of car and column collisions under control have found it in Sentry Protection Products’ Park Sentry® - the brightly colored collision absorbers that not only give visual clues to assist safe maneuvering but also take those nagging small claims for car dents out of the management picture.

For M.V. P., the largest independently owned valet company in northeast Ohio, being able to provide the best service possible to its customers is fundamental to the operation. The company prides itself on being able to provide the best service in the industry; putting safety, quickness, and customer relations all on the forefront.

In addition to high volume, spaces are limited and tight with structural columns throughout, motion is constant, lighting is often limited and there are varying levels of driving expertise. The fact that one in five or 20% of all motor vehicle accidents occurs in a parking lot makes the predictability of collision damage to vehicles or the parking structure fairly high.

So, Tyler Lombardo, president, and CEO of MVP selected the Park Sentry product as another way to help promote safety and prevent vehicle damage in their parking garages. The garage structures represent their own specific set of challenges; two of them being tight spaces and structural columns.

We are very impressed by the product,” says Lombardo. “Prior to Park Sentry, we have tried wrapping the garage pillars with other products and got less than substantial results. Park Sentry has helped us to minimize vehicle damage, prevent vehicle damage claims which in turn allow us to provide the exceptional customer service that our customers deserve and help us maintain our reputation as a safe and reliable valet service company.”  

According to Sean Riley, Operations Manager for MVP, Park Sentry prevented an incident within the first couple weeks of its use. “I was working in our garage one night, and one of my employees was backing up a vehicle. I heard a “squeak” noise and turned to see where it was coming from. He had backed into a Park Sentry column protector. I yelled out for him to stop immediately and went over to look for any possible damage to the vehicle. There were no dents, no scratches, and no markings from the Park Sentry. Park Sentry is a great product and a great investment.

Now, installed in two of MVP’s garages, the original installation is in a parking garage with 90 parking spaces on two levels, MVP plans to install the Park Sentry in more of its facilities in the future.

If I owned the garages, I would put Sentry at all my locations,” says Lombardo. “We are pleased with the product and would recommend it for any valet company.”

About Sentry Protection Products LLC

Sentry Protection Products LogoSentry Protection Products is a leading provider of innovative, impact-resistant products for industrial and parking applications. Manufactured in North America and Europe and sold worldwide, the award-winning, patented product line includes Column Sentry®, Column Sentry® FIT, Rack Sentry®, Rack Sentry® CONTOUR, Collision Sentry®, Concrete Wrap™, Corner Sentry™, and Park Sentry®. Sentry is headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio. 

About M.V.P. Services

Founded in 2004, M.V.P. Services is the largest independently owned valet company in Northeast Ohio. Our first location was the East 4th Street district, followed shortly by Little Italy. We also operate at Legacy Village, Ohio City, and Uptown, along with two hotels, the Wyndham-Playhouse and Tudor Arms hotel, and numerous individual accounts and event venues throughout the Cleveland area.


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