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A Little Introduction

For Sentry Protection Products, protecting people, equipment and facilities has been the company focus since its beginnings in 1998. From the original Column Sentry column protector to a complete line-up of impact resistant and collision warning products, Sentry continues to provide quality and technology-driven solutions to industrial and parking facilities.

Sentry’s entry into the parking industry was a natural progression from the industrial setting. Parking garage columns and vehicles need protection too – from collision damage as well as the environment. The Park Sentry line of products is specifically engineered for that purpose. Combining the scratch resistant properties of surface protectors with energy absorbing materials, this modular product forms a comprehensive damage system for square, round and rectangular columns and garage walls. Park Sentry is ideal for use in valet parking facilities, private parking structures, or auto rental agencies where the costs of vehicle-column collision damage can be a major operating expense. To date, Park Sentry products are installed at facilities in more than 20 countries and five continents.

Sentry’s innovation and quality has been recognized worldwide by industry organizations and customers alike. Celebrating 20 years in business this year, we continually work to introduce new ideas to the marketplace. Recognized for simple design, exceptional quality and value to users, Sentry products are manufactured in North America and Europe and are sold worldwide.

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Lidl US Headquarters in Arlington, VA 

Cars parked in a garage, pillars protected by black cladding

Following several collisions with parking garage columns, Lidl required a non-permanent protection solution suitable for their 200 space, three-level parking garage. We installed both square and round Park Sentry solutions as these are very affordable and can be easily installed and removed. 





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Product information

Park Sentry®

Made of ARPRO® – the same high-performance engineering material used in automobile bumper systems – Park Sentry combines the scratch resistant properties of surface protectors with energy absorbing materials to form a comprehensive damage reduction system. Lightweight but exceptionally strong, the closed-cell structural foam withstands repeated impact with no significant loss in shape or form. Park Sentry’s edge to edge protection provides progressive resistance to force, and extra thickness at corners to resist damage at most vulnerable spots. Where high-density parking is necessary, and column-vehicle interaction is unavoidable, Park Sentry can minimize costly repairs and insurance claims.

Easy to install, the Park Sentry adjusts to fit virtually any column, post or wall area. Only simple hand cutting tools are required. Extensions are available to fit flat walls and larger columns, and for increased impact absorption, Park Sentry can be layered. The modular pieces interlock tightly and solidly using a key lock system that both connects and aligns the panels.

Vandal resistant cinch strap-locking buckles add security to the installation and can be adjusted to fit the exact size of the column. Belt recesses on the Park Sentry create a seamless appearance and reflective straps enhance visibility.

Park Sentry Square and Round

Yellow protection wrapped around pillar in a parking lot     Yellow protection placed around a pillar in a parking garage

Park Sentry® parking collision protectors provide a soft, scratch-resistant layer of protection around concrete columns, protecting both the columns and vehicles from collision damage. They are available to fit both square and rectangular columns as well as round columns. The square Park Sentry is designed to fit around any sized 4-sided column, square or rectangular. The round Park Sentry is designed to fit around virtually any sized round column, from small to extra-large, and can be easily wrapped around columns or can be cut for smaller columns or extended for larger ones.

For more information consult the Park Sentry Square and Round Brochure.

Park Sentry Wall System

Yellow protection placed on the wall in a parking garage

Utilizing the Park Sentry Round panels with pre-mounted wall clips, the Park Sentry Wall System is able to help protect walls that vulnerable to collision damage.

For more information consult the Park Sentry Wall System Brochure.

Guard Post

Yellow post with chain and red car

Guard Post is a portable, water-proof, hallow bollard designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a removable top which can work with plastic chain for traffic control. Guard Post is available in a variety of colors and can be attached to the floor, dock or any other flat base with fasteners.

For more information consult the Guard Post Brochure.

Corner Sentry

Yellow protection on corner of wall, car reversing into it

Corner Sentry™ protectors add a protective layer to your vulnerable industrial corners. The Corner Sentry’s soft EVA exterior won’t scratch the vehicles, resists cracking for a long time, and absorbs the impact, reducing or eliminating damage to both the corner and to the vehicle.

For more information consult the Corner Sentry Brochure.

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