Sentry Protection Products Have Helped Texas A&M Strive to Be the Best Since 2007

Texas A&M have been using Park Sentry in several of their 151 parking facilities since 2007

With a campus of more than 5,200 acres and an enrollment surpassing 60,000, Texas A&M University ranks as one of the largest universities in the country. After all, it’s Texas and they say everything in Texas is big! In this case that includes the university’s Parking Services, who Sentry Protection Products has been working with since 2007.

The Parking Area of Transportation Services manages nearly 37,000 parking spaces spread out over 151 parking lots and five parking structures. It’s also one of the most challenging operations to manage. The garage structures represent their own specific set of challenges; two of them being tight spaces with structural columns.

To keep the system running at peak performance takes planning, attention to detail and always being one step ahead of any possible “bump in the road.” And potentially there are many, including car door dings and dents and other collision damage. Even though these dings and dents can seem minor, the cost to repair the damages is anything but. In fact, on average, to repair a “small” door dent can run anywhere from $200 - $600 or more. Add on to that, the time the car will be in the repair shop and unavailable to drive, a minor ding becomes both frustrating and costly.

The Parking Services team saw an opportunity for the department’s vision “to be the premier transportation services provider in the nation” to become a reality. So when they saw Sentry Protection Products’ Park Sentry® demonstrated at several industry tradeshows they saw a preventive way to create a customer-friendly barrier between parking garage columns and vehicles. And since 2007 they have installed additional products in other areas of the University.

This product is in keeping with our recent focus on updating and making our garage spaces more customer-friendly,” says Dell Hamilton, Manager, Facilities Access & Maintenance. “We have already noticed a reduction in vehicle damage since the installation of the Park Sentry product.”

The wraps are attractive,” continued Hamilton. “Any tight parking structure would benefit from this product. The overall appearance is very positive and the safety yellow color adds to the visibility; clearly marking the location of the columns. We have been very pleased with the Park Sentry product and customer service.”

Bottom line? For Texas A&M Parking Services, adding Park Sentry brings them one step closer to their vision and gives their patrons a better overall experience.

About Sentry Protection Products LLC

Sentry Protection Products LogoSentry Protection Products is a leading provider of innovative, impact-resistant products for industrial and parking applications. Manufactured in North America and Europe and sold worldwide, the award-winning, patented product line includes Column Sentry®, Column Sentry® FIT, Rack Sentry®, Rack Sentry® CONTOUR, Collision Sentry®, Concrete Wrap™, Corner Sentry™, and Park Sentry®. Sentry is headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio. 


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