Parking sensor technology expands across the globe

Parking sensor technology expands across the globe

The days of circling blocks to find an available parking spot in cities across the globe could soon be over. Many councils are now trialing Smart Parking sensor technology solution which utilises ground sensors to indicate where open parking is located on city streets.

Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Flinders University will be using Smart Parking’s SmartEye sensors and SmartScope car parking counters. 48 car counters and 150 SmartEye sensors plus wireless parking directional and information signage will be installed at the Flinders University car parks. Smart Parking will also provide parking data and system maintenance for 5 years. The university has approximately 4,800 parking spaces it is possible that the agreement will be expanded.

Burwood Council, Sydney, Australia

Burwood Council, Sydney will take action to ease parking congestion for residents and visitors by introducing Smart Parking bay sensor technology. The 50 sensor trial aims to encourage parking turnover, reduce traffic and parking congestion in local streets, delivering more access to its variety of shopping, dining and recreational experiences.

City of Vincent Council, Perth, Australia

Vincent boasts some of Perth's most popular suburbs with a wealth of retail and entertainment spots drawing large numbers into the area. With an increasing population and more people living in the inner city and commuting into and through the city for business and pleasure, the demand for parking is ever-growing. The City has developed a number of strategies and polices to help ensure that the parking in Vincent is fair for all - residents, business proprietors and visitors alike. Part of this strategy includes Smart Parking’s 50 sensor trial. The SmartPark trial will provide drivers with real-time information on unoccupied on-street car parking spaces in the city enabling motorists to find a parking space quickly and conveniently, cutting congestion and emissions.

Freemantle City Council, Perth, Australia

The City of Fremantle council has installed SmartEye sensors in 52 bays along Knuts to noise High Street between Market and Cliff Streets that alert rangers of those who overstay the 30-minute free parking limit. Depending on how successful the three-month, $26,000 trial is, the council could roll the sensors out to all its bays. High Street businesses have been favourable of the trial as they seen an increase in the turnover of customers in shops.

The council’s Matthew Piggott says the sensors will provide useful data about parking habits and “aid enforcement”: “High Street is an important commercial area,” he says. “There is no other information collected other than the amount of time each car spends in the bay, the time of day they are most frequently used and the duration the bays are used or empty.”

Smart Parking CEO Paul Gillespie comments “We currently have 700 sensors installed in Cottesloe, 200 installed in Claremont and just over 100 installed in Subiaco. With further installations in Freemantle and the City of Vincent, it is clear that Perth councils are embracing bay sensor technology and the wealth it of benefits it provides not only the city but its residents too”.

The London Borough of Barnet, Hertfordshire, England

The London Borough of Barnet have signed a contract with Smart Parking to deploy an initial trial of parking bay sensor technology in one of the Councils high streets.

One of the challenges faced by Barnet Council include local businesses complaining of parking abuse resulting inconveniencing their customers and it being deemed unfair. Through the deployment of this technology and its associated on-line and real time reporting platform, SmartRep, it will provide Barnet Council with a true understanding of average on-street stay times and occupancy rates, providing intelligence to resolve the issues accordingly.

Barnet are also looking to increase occupancy rates of the high street by providing the use of Smart Parking’s guidance app SmartApp, allowing their customers to source available parking in real-time resulting in a significantly enhanced customer experience and reduction in congestion.

Jules Hollows, Smart Parking’s UK Sales Manager commented ‘this technology has the ability to solve an inordinate number of problems faced by local authorities including increased complaint revenues and profitability, increased efficiencies, whilst reducing congestion, CO2 levels and increasing the customer experience whilst also reducing costs.’

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England

Milton Keynes Council has gone live with our complete SmartPark solution. The aim of the trial is to highlight how the company’s technology can transform the parking experience for drivers in a key off-street parking location within the city.

300 of Smart Parking’s RFID equipped SmartEye vehicle detection sensors, linked via SmartLink data transmitters into the company’s SmartRep management application, have been installed at the B4-1 Car Park on South Second Street. The deployment enables car park users to enter the barrierless car park, pay, and walk away, with no need to return to their vehicle to display a ticket.

The deployment at Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK includes our SmartApp, Smart Parking’s app for iPhone and Android that enables drivers to check the number of available spaces in the location before they leave home.

The company will also use SmartRep software to provide trend analysis to the Council to maximise the effectiveness of management decisions and assist them in formulating long term transport strategies.

Paul Gillespie said that the trial with Milton Keynes would highlight the value of this technology to councils operating off-street car parking. “Our technology makes parking off-street easy and quick. We’re very happy to be working with Milton Keynes on this trial, and we are confident that drivers into Milton Keynes who use this car park will appreciate the difference.”

Athens, GreeceSensor installation

World-leading provider of car parking technology and parking management services Smart Parking is partnering with CiTRO Technology Solutions to trial its SmartPark space finding solution in the Greek capital.

The Athens trial encompasses the installation of 43 V2 SmartEye sensors alongside SmartLink zone controllers in Skoufa Avenue, central Athens. The trial is part of DAEM’s exciting new automated smart operation for the controlled parking system of the Municipality of Athens to evaluate parking bay sensor technologies. DAEM is the pioneer in the application of new technologies offering reliable services to the demanding field of the local government sector.

The SmartEye sensors will provide never seen before kerbside management information and assist in fair use of the limited parking resource here in central Athens. Analysis of this management information will help long term strategy in the required number of disabled, reserved, public and resident bays. Future integration will also allow for guidance via Smartphone App and on-street VMS display boards".

Michael Petropoulos CEO of CiTRO Technology Solutions also commented: ‘When we started our collaboration with Smart Parking we quickly understood that we had made the best choice. As Smart Parking’s authorised representative for Greece we feel confident that we can implement similar projects in the Greek market by bidding on competitions or financing trials to those interested in parking technology. It was a challenge to install the trial system in Athens and we are proud that we did it with the support of Smart Parking and its personnel. CiTRO will continue to promote the trial project which will allow Municipalities to bring in more income and ultimately provide citizens a better quality of life.”

About Smart ParkingSmart Parking

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