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Unit 43, Elmdon Trading Estate, Bickenhill Lane

B37 7HE


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Unit 43 Elmdon Trading Estate, Bickenhill Lane

Birmingham , B37 7HE


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Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

Smart Parking: Technology explained & Company outlook by Mr. Paul Gillespie, Group CEO

Smart Parking is one of the world’s leading providers of car parking technology and parking management services.  With significant market presence in the UK, Australasia, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Smart Parking works directly or via commercial partners with off-street and on-street parking decision makers to deploy best-in-class technologies, tried and tested management solutions, and a wealth of turnkey services to ensure optimum performance – for clients, and for the drivers who are using their facilities.

What is a Smart City & How Smart Parking Is Transforming Cities

Company information

Headquarters location Unit 43, Elmdon Trading Estate, Bickenhill Lane
B37 7HE Birmingham
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1993 as Town & City Parking
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Recent projects

Westminster, London, UK

  • Westminster City Council
  • 3,500 SmartEye vehicle detection sensors
  • SmartRep back office management application
  • ParkRight parking guidance smartphone application
  • Electronic permits to manage resident disabled bays
  • October 2014
  • Watch the video case study here

Canberra, Australia

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government
  • 460 SmartEye vehicle detection sensors on and off-street
  • 5 SmartGuide variable message signs and overhead guidance indicators
  • SmartRep back office management application
  • ParkCBR parking availability smartphone application
  • May 2016
  • Watch the video series here

Wellington, New Zealand

  • Wellington City Council
  • 3,800 SmartEye vehicle detection sensors
  • SmartRep back office management application
  • PayMyPark parking availability smartphone application
  • August 2016
  • Watch the video series here

Cardiff, Wales

  • Cardiff Council
  • 225 SmartEye vehicle detection sensors on and off-street
  • SmartRep back office management application
  • SmartApp parking availability smartphone application
  • August 2015

London Underground, UK

  • Transport for London (Tfl)
  • 1,500 SmartEye vehicle detection sensors across 28 London Underground Stations
  • SmartRep back office management application
  • December 2014

Milton Keynes, UK

  • Milton Keynes Council
  • 500 SmartEye vehicle detection sensors on and off-street
  • SmartRep back office management application
  • PayMyPark parking availability smartphone application
  • February 2015




  • Advanced Parking System
  • ANPR Software
  • ANPR Solutions
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems
  • Bay monitoring
  • Car Finder
  • Car Finder App
  • Car Park Control
  • Car Park Management Software
  • Car Park Management Systems
  • Car Parking Equipment
  • Car Parking Guidance Systems
  • Car Parking Sensor
  • Cashless Systems
  • Central management system CMS
  • Citation Issuance / Processing / Enforcement
  • Cloud-based Parking Solutions
  • Data Processing
  • Digital Permits
  • Displayers
  • Dynamic Signage
  • Electronic signs
  • Event Parking Services
  • Facility Management
  • Ground Sensor
  • Hand Held Equipment for Parking Enforcement
  • InfoPark: App Mobile for Final Users
  • Intelligent Counting System
  • Intelligent Guidance System Indoor
  • Intelligent Guidance System On-street
  • Intelligent Guidance System Outdoor
  • Intelligent Parking System
  • Licence Plate Readers
  • License Plate Camera
  • License Plate Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition Camera
  • License Plate Recognition Cameras
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • LPR Cameras
  • Mobile Parking
  • Mobility
  • Multi-Space Meters
  • Municipalities Parking Systems
  • Non Intrusive Sensors
  • Number Plate Recognition
  • Number Plate Recognition Systems
  • Numerical Displays
  • OCR Software
  • On Street Parking Solutions
  • Online Enforcement
  • Parking App
  • Parking App for IPhone
  • Parking Control Systems
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Parking Equipment
  • Parking Guidance Server
  • Parking Guidance Software
  • Parking Guidance Systems
  • Parking Machine
  • Parking Management Solutions
  • Parking Management System
  • Parking Meters
  • Parking Operators
  • Parking Optimization
  • Parking Permits - Automated
  • Parking Permits - Temporary
  • Parking Sensor Systems
  • Parking Software
  • Parking Solutions
  • Parking Supplies
  • Parking System
  • Parking Ticket System
  • Pay and Display / Pay by Space
  • Pay by phone
  • Pay on Foot
  • Payment solutions
  • Permit Management
  • Plate Recognition Software
  • Revenue Control
  • RFID
  • RFID Cards
  • Sensors / Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Signs
  • Signs - Electronic
  • Signs - Variable Message
  • Single Space Detection SSD
  • Single Space Sensors
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Smarter and Easier
  • Software for Controllers Management
  • Software for Parking Management
  • Software for Parking Management
  • Software for the Council Management
  • Space Counters / Displays
  • Time Monitoring
  • Traffic Counters
  • Traffic Data Collection Sensor
  • Traffic Data Collectors
  • Traffic Management
  • Ultrasonic Directional Sensors / Counting Sensors
  • Universities Parking Systems
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Vehicle Presence Detection Sensors
  • Vehicle Sensing
  • Way finding
  • Wireless Information Systems
  • Zone Displays

Product information

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Bay Sensor Technology

SmartRep parking management softwareSmartEye
Smart Parking’s sensor technology is designed to detect the presence of parked vehicles, report overstays to infringement hand-held devices and to provide space availability data to digital guidance signs and smartphone applications. For management onstreet or off-street.

SmartRep parking management software


The easy-to-use App for both iPhone and Android devices that enables drivers to easily locate available parking spaces in real-time.

SmartRep parking management software

SmartRep parking management software


RFID Solutions
Real-time Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) for payment, enforcement and management, including parking permits.


The most powerful parking data tool the industry has ever seen, SmartRep software collates and analyses live information on how your parking space is being used. Accurate vehicle-by-vehicle, minute-by-minute data on actual usage of your facilities gives you the leading edge in day-to-day management and future planning. Revenues are maximised through optimum efficiency.

Site surveys


SmartGuide is a straight-forward guidance system for off-street parking that works with SmartEyes to identify available spaces and then guides customers to them with large, clear, variable message signage and LED lighting.




Payment solutions

Pay and Walk

Pay and Walk

The future of car parking giving customers more control and less hassle. This ticketless, barrier-less system reduces revenue lost through unmonitored parking abuse.


Pay and Display

Pay and Display

We have been installing and maintaining Pay and Display machines across the UK for over 20 years. We ensure that it's still as effective as ever.


Managed Services

Pay by Plate
Automatic Numberplate Recognition

Smart Parking’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) parking system is a reliable, accurate and cost effective off-street car park management solution, already proven to serve more than 1200 car parks throughout the UK in a wide range of industry groups including supermarkets, retail parks, hotels, hospitals and leisure centres.

Site surveys

Site surveys

Surveying systems to give you real-time management information as well as trend data for a longer-term outlook 

Site surveys

Parking Attendants

Our pool of fully trained and customer-focused people can manage your parking requirements seamlessly and efficiently.

Disabled, Parent and Child (DPC) enforcement

Disabled, Parent and Child (DPC) Enforcement

We manage the whole process of implementing and enforcing DPC parking to ensure these vulnerable bays are not open to abuse.


Management Services include:

Smart Parking - Parking Attendant

  • Site and signage surveys
  • Signage design, manufacture and installation
  • Comprehensive cash in transit and cash management services
  • Enforcement, Patrol Officer, Valet Management and Marshalling services
  • GPRS linked time-in-attendance software to maximise Patrol Officer efficiency
  • Appeals management
  • Maintenance support
  • Dedicated account management
  • Centralised support desk, helpdesk system and Business Support Services team




Smart Parking’s client based encompasses the following market sectors:

Smart Parking - local government parking provider

  • Single operator retail sites
  • Shopping centre and retail park sites
  • Local government
  • Property developers
  • Managing agents
  • Financial institutions
  • Transport infrastructure providers
  • Leisure sector operators
  • Healthcare facilities providers
  • Further and higher education
  • Private residential parking

The company also has a strong track record of working with owners on a lease basis – delivering proven commercial returns and simultaneously providing an excellent service for drivers.

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