Commercial Real Estate Managers Prepare for the Post COVID-19 Era With a.Lot Parking (SOFTRA in Europe) Solutions

Badly Hit Parking Industry to Recover by Using Smart, Touchless and Fully Digital Technologies by a.Lot Parking

A.lot Parking makes sure commercial real estate and parking owners are ready to grow their asset value as soon as the pandemic eases

Changing parking behavior due to COVID-19 left parking lots empty all across the country. A.lot Parking, a provider of comprehensive one-stop shop parking technology solutions, is solving these challenges to make sure commercial real estate and parking owners are ready to grow their asset value as soon as the pandemic eases.

It is becoming apparent that the office hours of commercial real estate tenants are not getting back to pre-COVID levels. Many employees already successfully adapted to shift work or a mix of home and on-site office hours. The post-pandemic parking will require more flexibility and potentially more complex management of parking access permissions. A.lot Parking offers a solution – the digital cloud-based system enables multiple ways to set dynamic pricing or to authorize and accommodate various parking needs of customers, employees, vendors and associates. The system provides high level of flexibility to the drivers as they can use a mobile app or a website platform to reserve parking spot when needed, open barriers and pay for parking.

The operations and management of real estate assets such as parking during the pandemic have morphed into off-site or remote mode. The Parking Management Platform (PMP) by a.Lot powered by very precise license plate recognition (LPR) technology addresses this situation - no need to have any on-site personnel as all features including access control, payments and reservations are fully digitized, cloud-based, touchless and can be managed remotely. This typically results in significant operational cost reduction.

Finally, a.Lot’s PMP precisely tracks real-time parking utilization and the freed-up parking spaces can be automatically released and accessed by additional drivers. A.Lot technology enables parking sharing with other business customers and is integrated with multiple third party parking reservations apps such as SpotHero.

A.lot Parking enables the parking asset owners to not only reduce operational costs, but to substantially increase utilization of parking spaces, revenue and return on assets. There are the reasons why a.Lot technology and services are chosen by leading commercial real estate owners and managers such as Greystar, Alexandria and many others.


SOFTRA is a leader in the development and installation of parking lot management systems based on license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Hundreds of our customers in Europe and the United States have enjoyed our systems since 2008. SOFTRA is known as a.Lot Parking in the United States.

About A.lot Parking

A.lot Parking Solutions specializes in touchless parking management and access control systems for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities and hospitality industries. A.lot cloud-based Parking Management Platform (PMP) use license plate recognition (LPR) for touchless access control and mobile app for touchless payments. The PMP offers comprehensive analytics platform and maximizes return on parking assets. A.lot Parking is known as SOFTRA in Europe.


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