SOFTRA’s Installation at Jauna Teika Proves Its Solution Is Suitable for Large-Scale and Complex Parking Lots

Jauna Teika has chosen SOFTRA to manage parking access and occupancy

Jauna Teika, a new business, shopping, leisure, and residential quarter in Riga, Latvia has chosen SOFTRA to manage parking access and occupancy. With both open-air and multistore parking lots, totaling 1405 parking spaces, there are 16 entrances and exits available to residents, employees, visitors, cars, and trucks.

To meet such complex requirements, Jauna Teika required a simple and intuitive system suitable for the operator and all parking user groups that met sustainability and Covid-19 needs. Through the use of their ANPR and video analytics-based space control system, SOFTRA provided a ticketless, touchless, and congestion-free parking experience.

Access to the parking facilities is managed through license plate recognition. The parking facility manager can assign a certain number of free Two vehicles by the entrance and exit of the car park, waiting for the barrier to openparking spaces to specific user groups, such as residents and employees. Once the assigned parking spaces are filled additional users will need to pay for parking, but this is collected through an invoice automatically generated at the end of the month. Users who do not qualify for free parking can make their payment via an app or at the automatic pay station with either cash or a payment card.

Parking space occupancy can be managed by both the users and the operator. A parking space sharing app helps users share parking spaces between them, for example, business tenants can hand over their parking spaces whilst on business trips or holidays. This significantly improves space utilization. Meanwhile, video analytics can ensure that security is notified if reserved parking spaces are occupied by unauthorized vehicles.

The operator also benefits from further versatile management features. They are able to create parking groups and assign rules to them, including space limits, time limits, and tariffs. They also receive real-time video streams and notifications helping them to monitor the facility and generate reports and statistics.


SOFTRA is a leader in the development and installation of parking lot management systems based on license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Hundreds of our customers in Europe and the United States have enjoyed our systems since 2008. SOFTRA is known as a.Lot Parking in the United States.


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