Abolished: Searching for a Parking Spot

Attractive offices and living spaces instead of a half-empty car park – thanks to an automatic parking system by stolzer, a brand of the STOPA GmbH.

Automated parking reestablishes private transport as convenient. A fully automatic parking solution by stolzer means you can park your car at the push of a button. The parking spot is conveniently delivered. Searching, maneuvering, and increased emissions like in a traditional car park become a thing of the past.

According to studies from 2015, drivers spend up to 100 hours per year searching for a parking spot. In a conventional parking garage, the search for a spot can spread over multiple stories. This usually includes losing time, wasting fuel, polluting the environment, and being stressed .

Unnecessary: Searching for the vehicle

Stolzer’s automated parking means that the parking spot is brought to the driver. Right behind the entrance, the vehicle is handed over to the parking system. Upon retrieval, the vehicle is returned to the same spot, simply by pushing a button. Thus, stolzer facilitates and quickens the process of parking.

Cool, safe parking without a tedious search – when parked automatically, the vehicle is secured by sensors and securely stored away, unreachable for thieves.       Automated parking is environmentally friendly: the engine is turned off the entire time.

Cancelled: Maneuvering Damages

The parking system by stolzer organizes the parking process by itself and sorts the vehicles in a way that ensures a fast collection. Sensors guarantee for the drivers’ safety as well as for the protection of the vehicle. Maneuvering damages due to tight spots or narrow bends no longer occur.

Furthermore, drivers can comfortably omit passing insufficiently lit areas or dark corners, given that almost all drivers see a risk in using a car park. A parking system eliminates these worries.

The amount of space needed is diminished by 50 percent compared to conventional parking. That is one of the biggest advantages of the stolzer parking solutions thanks to the LP system.

Saved: Emissions and Fuel

Clean air is a pleasant side effect of automated parking. From the moment the car is handed over to the system, the engine is turned off. Thus, no fuel is wasted and no emissions are accumulated in the building. The parking system simply shuttles the vehicles to their assigned spot. This is a benefit for everybody, but especially for the driver.

Saving time, omitting emissions, increasing safety – stolzer reintroduces comfortable parking. The parked vehicle is elegantly brought back to the driver upon collection. Additionally, it also opens up new opportunities for urban areas: stolzer parking solutions need only half the space of conventional car parks.


STOPA is a leading manufacturer of automated parking systems and storage systems for sheet STOPAmaterial and long-span goods in Europe. The product line ranges from stand-alone applications to integrated automated modules. With 40 years of practical experience, including the installation of complex plants, and more than 2,000 systems installed worldwide, this independent company possesses unique know-how with regards to product quality and process security, process automatization, and software development.


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