Turning Urban Gaps to Profit with Automated Parking

Safe and secure Access to the stolzer automated parking system via transfer room

Urban real estate is a rare and expensive commodity. With stolzer automated parking systems, building gaps can be converted for modern mobility. With cars thus efficiently stored, urban space is freed for high-demand office space and housing.

With the continuing urbanization and the resulting construction boom, the conventional multi-level car park is no longer competitive. Indeed, conversing them to business and living space is quite trendy, but what about the cars? stolzer automated parking systems compensate reduced parking space by cutting space requirements in half, thus opening up new sites for high-demand residential and commercial buildings.

New business for parking garage operators  

Even in high-demand inner city areas, vacant sites unsuitable for most other building purposes can  be found. Automated parking systems open up new business opportunities for parking garage operators: By implementing a fully automatic parking system, these gaps can turn quite a profit. For car owners, the systems are comfortable, reliable and, frankly, fascinating: It is quite amazing to see one’s car summoned by the push of a button – welcome to the future! stolzer automated parking systems allow for cars to be stored safely away from third-party damage and weather conditions.

Parking 2.0: slim and safe

These discreet parking garages fit even the smallest gaps: for the transfer room, slim versions of stolzer automated parking systems make do with just 4 m width and 2.7 m height. From there, cars are handed over for storage farther back on shelf blocks. A layout with two rows will need a total of just 7 m, including lane. Thus a garage of 16 m height can park up to 60 vehicles.
Transfer room and shelf block can be arranged depending on the local requirements, as they do not require set angles – neither does the ramp.
With their modular design, site-specific customization and an optional turntable in the transfer room, stolzer automated parking systems allow further modifications for full flexibility.



STOPA is a leading manufacturer of automated parking systems as well as storage systems for  sheet metal and long-span goods in Europe. The product line ranges from stand-alone applications to integrated automated modules. With 40 years of practical experience, including the installation of complex plants, and more than 1,900 systems installed worldwide, this independent company possesses unique know-how regarding product quality and process security, process automatization, and software development.


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