Survision: Introducing the 5th Generation of Survision Cameras

Get ready to experience unprecedented license plate recognition accuracy.

The 5th Generation of Nanopak, Micropak, Citypak and Visipak LPR Cameras boasts of enhanced accuracy.

We are thrilled to unveil a remarkable milestone in our innovation and technology excellence journey: The 5th Generation of Survision LPR/ANPR cameras! (Nanopak5, Micropak5, Citypak5 and Visipak5)

This breakthrough represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower your operations.

New Visipak 5

So, What’s New?

Our experiences over the last years have helped us achieve a stronger understanding of the LPR potential and focus our attention and resources on more powerful and significant KPIs.

The 5th Generation of Nanopak, Micropak, Citypak and Visipak LPR Cameras boasts of (Yes! Even more!) enhanced accuracy thanks to major upgrades in processing power and speed: 

2x Processing Power

The 5th Generation features a CPU with doubled computational capacity, enabling accelerated data throughput and algorithmic execution. This upgrade not only optimizes license plate recognition performance by reducing latency and improving real-time processing capabilities, but also lays the groundwork for incorporating future functionalities and enhancements.

Improved AI  

Generation 5 cameras are now “smarter” than ever, thanks to enhanced AI and machine learning capabilities, which are also empowered by the new processing speed and storage capability. Now, it is easier for our cameras to “learn from their mistakes,” making your LPR better, firmware after firmware.

Enhanced resolution

A higher megapixel count allows for capturing not only the plate's data but also detailed photos of the entire vehicle.

image of Nanopak 3 vs. Nanopak 5 from Survision

Nanopak 3 vs. Nanopak 5 Image

Enhanced Connectivity 

Stay connected like never before with advanced connectivity options:

  • Embedded cutting-edge PoE Module on Micropak and Visipak
  • Integrated Wiegand board
  • Embedded 4G modem in the Citypak, No need to bring data to the site anymore

2x Less Energy Consumption

5th Generation is designed with a profound commitment to sustainability in mind, ensuring that the cameras operate at maximum efficiency, using less power while delivering twice the performance.

 image of Citypak 5 from Survision

New Citypak 5

What stays the same?

  • Same software interface
  • Same connectivity capabilities 
  • Same Low Network and physical footprint 
  • Products from previous generations will still be available throughout 2024, and support and maintenance for these cameras will continue for five years
  • Our commitment to social and geopolitical responsibility is reflected in our design and manufacturing processes conducted exclusively in Europe and North America 

What is the Right LPR Camera for My project?

We have designed our LPR Cameras with specific functions in mind! you can check out our LPR Cameras Page or the LPR Cameras Comparison table to help you decide!


SURVISION is a global leader in License Plate Reading (LPR). Since 2001, with solutions being deployed in over 50 countries with more than 50,000 cameras thanks to a network of 900 Value Added Integrators. The quality of its R&D team allows SURVISION to work with world-class integrators for a complete set of innovative solutions for Smart-City, Smart-Parking, law enforcement, toll road collection, car-park management, and for local authorities.



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