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Focused on LPR/ANPR Cameras

Survision's LPR / ANPR Cameras are specifically designed for triggerless, serverless and frictionless vehicle control and monitoring solutions such as Ticketless ParkingTraditional ParkingAccess Control, SecurityITS, Tolling and Smart City operations.

Survision LPR / ANPR Cameras read and process license plates in real-time without servers of physical triggers. 



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About Survision About Survision

Get to know them, accuracy-obsessed LPR acolytes betting on building the best LPR cameras

Survision LPR Technology LPR Technology

Understand the phylosophy behind their serverless, triggerless all-included LPR cameras and their role in modern triggerless, free flow and clean vehicle control operations.

Survision LPR cameras LPR/ANPR Cameras

Embedded AI-powered LPR processing, lighting, triggerless option, high speed 60fps recording, and wide range reading distances.

Applications Survision LPR cameras Applications

Highest reading precision and performance for the hardest scenarios such as ticketless parking, tolling, access control, street surveillance and smart cities.

Applications Survision LPR cameras Case Studies

Browse their World Map and get to know some of their successful cases. Survision has 50.000 k + cameras installed by 1000+ integrator clients around the world!

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Survision loves to help you understand how LPR Cameras and License Plate Recognition are helping companies, cities and people.

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Headquarters location 22 rue d’Arras
92000 Nanterre, FR

Office locations
11251 NW 20th st #116
33172 Miami
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Recent projects

Paris Charles De Gaulle & Orly Airports

Paris - FR

Integrator: Thales

Operator: ADP Aeroports de Paris

Technology Installed: 450 Visipak, Micropak and Totem Nanopak, Survision Guard


Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte, North Carolina - USA

Integrator: DESIGNA


Technology Installed: 80 Nanopak Totem, 2 LPI Vehicles, LPI Monitor


Harry Reid International Airport

Las Vegas, Nevada - USA



Technology Installed: 52 Nanopak Totem, 4 LPI Vehicles, LPI Monitor, Survision Guard



  • License Plate Camera
  • License Plate Recognition Camera
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • Traffic Sensors

Product information

Survision Picopak: Mobile LPR (License Plate Recognition) Made EASY


How Can LPR Improve Your Parking?

Off-street Parking

LPR/ANPR cameras for Off-Street parking have been a revolution. Future parking will be ticketless, frictionless, easier to manage and more profitable and LPR has a significant role in it. 

Benefits for Customers:

  • No stopping at the barrier: No wait in lines
  • Instant alerts in case of theft
  • Electronic, frictionless and instant payment: no wait to pay
  • No lost ticket problems
  • Our highly accurate LPR cameras guarantee fewer errors and better customer service

Benefits for Parking Owners: 

  • All tickets and their costs are gone
  • Car share fraud (and its costs) becomes impossible
  • Higher revenue due to the higher occupancy rates
  • Lower pollution levels
  • Our serverless LPR Cameras require fewer infrastructure changes to the parking
  • Guaranteed reading rates allow better planning and ROI 

On-street Parking

Mobile LPR is the capability of performing License Plate Recognition from a moving vehicle using a compact LPR camera; this allows a single parking control agent to check up to 1000 vehicles a day, much more than the 300 that could be done by foot.

Mobile LPR cameras embedded in vehicles (cars, scooters, bikes, Segways, etc.) allow efficient monitoring and enforcement on city street parking spaces.

Check out how our Picopak Mobile LPR Camera has been integrated with Segway to create the coolest parking enforcement device ever.


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