Tattile's ANPR Cameras Are Now Compatible with Bosch’s BVMS Security System

Tattile's Vega camera range can be integrated in Bosch's security, safety and video management solution

Premium ANPR smart camera provider Tattile has partnered with Bosch Building Technologies for a plugin of its Tattile intelligent traffic cameras to be integrated with BVMS – the comprehensive security solution from Bosch.

Through the cooperation, Tattile's automated number plate recognition cameras become part of an integrated security, safety, and video management solution allowing for quick license plate recognition. Tattile’s cameras extract the number plate at the edge directly from the image on the camera itself and thereby eliminate the need for separate software which reduces installation effort significantly. Compatibility is currently ensured for Tattile Vega Basic, Tattile Vega Smart, and Tattile Vega1 with BVMS 10.1 (or newer).

The integration currently allows for two main use cases. One is the creation of blacklists for real-time notification about the appearance of a certain vehicle. With these blacklists operators are notified immediately if a blacklisted number plate is detected by one or multiple cameras, allowing them to track the vehicles pro-actively and prevent further incidents. The license plate blacklist can be individually configured from BVMS by uploading and editing a text file in the image pane. The text file is then sent to the Tattile cameras via FTP. Vice versa, the integrated BVMS alarm management triggers a real-time alarm if a vehicle that is listed in a blacklist is captured by one or multiple cameras, ensuring that operators are notified immediately and can react accordingly.

A computer screen showing four CCTV footage panels and 4 blue license plate recognition cameras


The second use case which is covered by the Tattile/ BVMS integration covers the forensic search of vehicles for post-analysis. This functionality enables operators to find all detections of a certain number plate in a given time period, allowing them to easily see the different vehicle locations over time and giving them an overview of how the vehicle moved through their area of interest.

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Tattile has developed and produced embedded vision systems and custom-made software for ANPR, for a diversified range of applications, for over 20 years. Tattile offers a wide range of smart cameras powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and capable of meeting the most demanding applications in the mobility market, with a special emphasis on Big Data collection and Smart Cities. Our Traffic Division creates smart cameras for number plate reading (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and road traffic control, used in innovative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for tolling, parking, tracking, access control, and enforcement applications.


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