Technoso Control Systems Launches Leasing Business Model to Give Parking Lots of Any Size Access to Automatic Parking Systems

Technoso Control Systems Launches Leasing Business Model

Technoso Control Systems launched a new business model for its clients. Parking lot owners now have the option to lease an automatic parking access system instead of purchasing it. For the first time, a parking lot owner that wants to transition to an automatic parking system can do so for a small monthly fee. Since starting this new business model 8 months ago all the clients have either stayed in the leasing model or purchased the system with not a single return. Today about %40 of new system installations are leased.

There are a few main advantages to leasing a parking system over purchasing. The main advantage is of course the price. Where purchasing a system for tens of thousands of dollars for new or small parking lot owners was not possible, a relatively small monthly fee allows every parking lot to have one.

Other advantages include:

  1. Not committing to owning the parking system and if after a few months the client is unhappy, they can return it.
  2. A Full-service package (included in the monthly fee) that includes maintenance, software updates, troubleshooting, and everything else for a fully operating parking system.
  3. It is in the companies interest for the system to be serviced in the best way in case it is returned.

Leasing the systems as opposed to buying has allowed me to install the parking systems in not just one but in all four of my parking lots at once and the monthly fee is fully covered by the parking lot earnings”, David, Tel Aviv

Technoso Control Systems is able to lease its systems because the hardware does not require any communication cables, dedicated servers or computers, or any on-site control rooms. Being that the system is wireless it allows for fast and easy installation.

Currently, Technoso is looking for dealers all over the world. If interested please get in touch!

About Technoso Control Systems LTD Technoso

Technoso Control Systems develops, installs, and operates parking access and revenue control systems. The company provides a one-stop-shop parking solution so that parking managers don’t have to interact with multiple service providers.

Technoso Control Systems is a global leader in Ticket-less parking technology with a proven record of approximately 100 operational ticket-less parking lots.


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