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Technoso Control Systems develops, installs, and operates parking access and revenue control systems. The company provides a one-stop-shop parking solution so that parking managers don’t have to interact with multiple service providers.

Technoso Control Systems is a global leader in Ticket-less parking technology with a proven record of approximately 100 operational ticket-less parking lots.

The company has created one of the only (if not the only) wireless parking access system in the world. The full system requires only an electricity point with no need for communication lines, dedicated servers/computers, and local control rooms.

Using these technologies, Technoso Control Systems is able to provide customers with a great user experience, low initial costs, and low maintenance costs.

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Headquarters location HaYetsira St 10
7255606 Ramla
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Recent projects

  • Barzilai medical center
  • Rubinstein Twins skyscrapers 
  • Magic Kass Amusement Park 
  • Mega Shopping Centers by BIG in Teveria and Beit Shemesh 
  • Caesarea National Park

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  • Access and Exit Control Systems
  • Access and Revenue Control
  • Barriers
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cashless and Contactless Payment
  • Cloud parking management system
  • Cloud-based Parking Solutions
  • Entry- and Exit Stations
  • Intercoms
  • Pay by Plate
  • Pay in Lane
  • Pay on Foot
  • Payment Processing
  • Smart Parking Management
  • Software for Parking Management
  • Ticketless Devices
  • Ticket-recycle Solution
  • Wireless Solution

Product information

At Technoso Control Systems our goal is to allow parking lots of any size and in any location the ability to have a truly automatic parking access system. With that goal in mind, we have created a system that is powerful, beautiful, user-friendly, flexible, scalable, and has lower maintenance and installation costs. 

Our systems are all cloud-based and wireless and therefore require no special infrastructure, control rooms, or communication cables. 



All our systems accept every form of credit card and mobile payment including:

  • Credit card swipe

  • EMV - Chip and Contactless 

  • Google pay, Apple pay, Android Pay, and other digital wallets

  • Wearables with NFC payments 

  • M-Pesa


The ticket-less system consists of the ticket-less entry terminal, ticket-less exit terminal, and POF stations. The system can be installed fully ticket-less or mixed with a ticket-recycle exit / POF station to allow for the acceptance of discount cards. 

Our Ticket-less system has many great advantages including:

  • Huge maintenance cost savings due to not needing consumables 

  • Cost savings on installation due to the terminals needing less hardware and no communication cables required! 

  • No need for servicing by staff

  • Eliminates traffic congestion by the entry and exit points

  • No-contact parking experience 

  • Better user experience (no lost or damaged tickets) 



Our Ticket-recycle system is a unique system that does not require a printer or paper. The tickets are made of PVC which allows them to be used hundreds of times before being recycled. This system can be used like a conventional system that dispenses a ticket for every vehicle or as a hybrid system that works ticket-less and only dispenses a ticket for unrecognizable license plates. 

Some of the Ticket-recycle advantages include:

  • Low maintenance costs compared to paper tickets 

  • %100 recognition rate 

  • Cost savings on installation costs due to not needing communication cables 


POF stations

We offer three types of Pay on Foot stations. 

  1. POF Ticket-less (credit card and mobile payments only) 

  2. POF Ticket-recycle (credit card and mobile payments only)

  3. POF Ticket-recycle Cash & Credit 


Both Ticket-recycle POF stations can be used with Ticket-less terminals in-lane to allow for the acceptance of discount cards. 


BluePTCloud Software

The BluePTCloud system is not just another parking control system. The system is unique in that it is entirely in the cloud which gives it multiple advantages. It also makes it possible to manage a parking lot from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

  • Future proof 

  • Live actionable data - control room 

  • Customization & Dynamic pricing

  • Big data & AI 

  • Powerful Business Intelligence (BI) 

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