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You don’t need a degree in astrophysics to understand the concept of space and time. According to the International Parking Institute, there are over 2 billion parking spaces in the US alone. That means 6 parking spaces for every vehicle on the road. But if you asked your average Joe, they would say that there is no parking anywhere, and life is hard. Life is hard, and they ponder on their reason for living every time they go out and look for a parking space.

According to the National Parking Association, the US parking industry is a $30 billion market. Despite that fact, urban space seems to be shrinking as economic development consumes more and more available land.

Parking operators are struggling to keep up and are feeling the pressure. They are responsible for a lot of traffic flow every day. They need to make sure that everyone is served, and every mistake can cost a lot of time and money. Moreover, they need to keep track of customer behaviors and be on top of any customer penalties.

Things could be better for the end-user (the person parking their car) too. Put yourself in the shoes of that average Joe again. He woke up very early to get to work in the city, and the only reason he doesn’t stop for breakfast or even take a sip of coffee is that he knows he’ll be spending half his drive trying to find parking. He then has to arrive at the parking lot to find out that parking is way too expensive, and ends up continuing his drive looking for another place to drive to.

The lot operator has no choice. Rush hour is up, and he has no way to intake an influx of traffic into his lot all at once. Lot operators pay hefty fines in many cities across the US if their lot entrance causes traffic that spills out onto the street.

What’s the solution?

Companies like Technoso Control Systems provide many services to their customers (the lot operators) using a cloud-based automatic parking access system. This system is connected via the internet or GSM and is ticketless. Technoso stays at the forefront of tech innovation and provides tools to operators that maximize their overall property income on many levels. One of those solutions is called Dynamic Parking.

Like Choosing a Seat on an Airplane

Very simple. Dynamic Parking is very similar to a payment and seating system on a low-cost airline. Prices vary on the quality of the parking space which is judged based on many factors such as distance to entrances or cover from the rain. This solves the parking congestion problem completely, by giving the lot operator the ability to take in a lot of traffic all at once, directing that traffic efficiently, and pricing each parking space in a profitable manner.

What does this mean?

Well, according to data from Technoso, it means that traffic is down exponentially in and around parking lots, and the profitability of the lot operation is astronomical. It means that parking operators have control again in a way that benefits their operating profit margins and always presents customers with a solution. It means that the Average Joe now feels empowered by the feeling that he can enter the parking lot seamlessly, see where there is space, and make a choice about how much he wants to pay without having to leave the parking lot and look for another one.

Solutions like these can only be implemented with a robust cloud-based system that can run updates easily and make changes with the click of a button. Technoso gives the control back to everyone involved in the parking process and we do it in a way that levels the playing field, and feels easy for everyone.

About Technoso Control Systems LTD Technoso

Technoso Control Systems develops, installs, and operates parking access and revenue control systems. The company provides a one-stop-shop parking solution so that parking managers don’t have to interact with multiple service providers.

Technoso Control Systems is a global leader in Ticketless parking technology with a proven record of approximately 100 operational ticketless parking lots.


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