Technoso Control Systems: Pay and Display Has Had Its Day

Technoso’s Cloud-Based Wireless System Is the Future of PARCSs.

Pay and Display Has Had Its Day

At some point in time, we have all used a Pay & Display (P&D) type of car parking facility. These are especially common in municipal car parks, for example. They involve the driver arriving at the parking facility, buying a paper ticket from a dispensing machine for a pre-determined amount of time, and placing this token on their vehicle dashboard so it is visible to a parking inspector. There are several disadvantages to this method, all of which disappear if the system is replaced with the Technoso wireless solution.

Going wireless saves money, reduces conflict, and opens up better employment opportunities.

Firstly, P&D systems require additional infrastructure and staffing to enforce compliance. This is expensive and drains money away from more worthwhile pursuits of municipal governments. Not only that but there are additional insurance costs and staff safety issues, as parking inspectors are generally reviled in the community (for instance, in Australia they are colloquially known as ‘grey ghosts’). These parking officers are frequently involved in arguments with upset and angry parking patrons. All this nastiness can be avoided if a better solution is implemented, and the ‘grey ghosts’ can be retrained and more gainfully employed elsewhere in the municipal system.

Maintain revenue streams in a smarter, fairer way.

The fine revenue lost by ditching an outdated system can be recovered by offering dynamic pricing in which the fee is higher during peak demand, and lower at other times. This also helps change motorist behavior in a positive way, encouraging more thoughtful planning of city trips and reducing urban congestion.

Another revenue stream can be created by offering spot reservations, which are paid for upfront by those who have no choice but to be in the city at a particular time. These reserved parking spots can of course then become part of negotiated salary packages.

In large car parks, it is simply not possible to check every single vehicle for time compliance. Many cars with expired parking tickets leave the lot undetected and parking revenue is lost, along with the fine for overstaying the ticketed time. With the Technoso wireless system, every car must pay in order to leave the lot.

The benefit of our system lies in its flexibility. If there is no parking time limit, the customer can simply exit the facility, and then pay the fee (this is done automatically in the case of our fully wireless systems). , If a time limit applies and they overstay the permitted time, the system can scale up the overtime charges accordingly. It doesn’t need to be a one-size-fits-all punitive fine say, for a person whose dental appointment ran 30mins longer than expected. The customer’s car is not wheel-clamped or towed to a holding facility. Instead, they might pay, for example, $10/hour for the permitted time, $25/hour for the first extra hour, $50 for the next, and so on. Apart from being a fairer system, this approach reduces animosity and creates a much happier user experience. Also, lots can be remotely operated from a single control center, direct live communication with customers is possible via intercom systems when necessary.

UX awareness is key to success.

The Technoso wireless system runs Open API, so it can integrate with all popular mobility apps, and all digital payment methods are accepted, unlike many competing systems. Customer convenience and improved user experience are built into our design philosophy.

We make forward planning a breeze.

Finally, Technoso’s cloud can store unlimited data for years and can provide live analytics on customer volume, seasonal revenue variation, peak flow, etc. This data is an invaluable resource that can be used to adjust pricing and inform decisions on future planning for the layout or expansion of the lot. It can also be reviewed in the unfortunate event of a crime taking place on the lot.

Taking onboard all these advantages of the Technoso wireless/ticketless system it’s easy to see why it has already been implemented in more than 200 car parks. The time to switch to a wireless and user-friendly parking management system is now!

About Technoso Control Systems LTD Technoso

Technoso Control Systems develops, installs, and operates parking access and revenue control systems. The company provides a one-stop-shop parking solution so that parking managers don’t have to interact with multiple service providers.

Technoso Control Systems is a global leader in Ticket-less parking technology with a proven record of approximately 100 operational ticket-less parking lots.


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