Alzira City Moves Towards a Smart City Model with Urbiotica’s Technology

Alzira City Moves Towards a Smart City Model with Urbiotica

Alzira is a town in full growth and continuous change. The city council decided to launch a project to improve parking management which contemplates the deployment of Urbiotica's solution to achieve efficient, smart and safe mobility.

Pavapark is the company that leads the project and selected Urbiotica’s technology as the best one to approach Alzira’s circumstances. Pavapark is a leading company in urban mobility management, Smart City solutions, as well as in the integration of people with difficult access to the labor market. The company, based in Valencia, is committed to innovative mobility solutions that adapt to people's needs.

This deployment aims to ease mobility in the city center by improving the parking management in order to increase user satisfaction, boost the local commerce and at the same time reduce the pollution generated by an excess of vehicles driving in search of a parking space.

"We analyzed other options such as solutions using loops or cameras. Pavapark always looks for the best technology according to the client needs and in this sense, single space sensor detection was the solution that best adapted to the installation. We looked over other projects implemented by Urbiotica in some municipalities, which conveyed us confidence, and so we chose to work with Urbiotica. The other systems didn’t fit in the conditions and needs required for this project" explains Sergio Castellar of Pavapark.

Sergio Castellar, Pavapark
The smart parking solution was installed in a central commercial street, Avenida Santos Patronos, where there is a regulated parking area. Urbiotica provided a total of 70 U-Spot sensors. This system captures the data and transmits in real time the availability of free spaces to users through information panels located at each end of the avenue.

Urbiotica Information Panel

According to Sergio Castellar: “The system is located in a regulated parking area and therefore helps us to know the rotations and productivity of those spaces. It allows us to know how long a vehicle has been parked and when it exceeds the time limit, which in this case is 2 hours.”
Urbiotica's system will be integrated into Pavapark's Moviltik App, which is used to manage the parking payment. The system is accessed via API in order to incorporate the collected data and transmit information concerning the parking availability in the area through the app.

The Urbiotica solution implemented in Alzira is a win-win solution. Improved mobility clearly benefits citizens, who can park faster, easier and without stress. They are more likely to move to the city center if they can use and park their vehicle easily. Local commerce is revitalized. The parking operator, by improving the vehicle rotation, optimizes the exploitation of the regulated zone and obtains information in real time that allows him to make predictions and design actions and mobility policies based on real data. On the other hand, the City Council is satisfied with the improvements in the city, which is now more modern, technological and healthy for everyone. A Smart City that satisfies everyone.

Urbiotica Signage
We are really happy with the solution. On one side, we would like to point out that the delivery and supply of all the material is very fast because it is a proved and tested solution that works well. On the other side, the installation is not complex and the civil work that needs to be done is relatively simple. And above all, it is very important for us that when we have had urgency in times of implementation, Urbiotica has responded according to our needs and the technical support is immediate. The availability of Urbiotica technicians is total.”

Alzira City Council was delighted with the implementation period we carried out and is satisfied with the service because they see that it is having a return and that citizens see it as an advantage.”

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Urbiotica were established in 2008 with a very clear foundational vision: technology based on wireless sensor networks will transform how we manage our cities.

Urbiotica leads the revolution of the Internet of Things applied to Smart Cities. The projects implemented in more than 20 countries position us as the leading technology company in the development of smart solutions based on sensor systems, designed to manage urban space more efficiently and sustainably.


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