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Urbiotica is a leading technology company specialising in IoT and artificial intelligence, focused on developing digital solutions for smart parking.

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Our mission is not limited to addressing parking issues, but is also committed to tackling global mobility challenges linked to climate change and overpopulation in modern cities.
We offer solutions designed to address daily challenges in urban environments, such as congestion and efficient management of regulated parking spaces, including loading areas, parking for people with reduced mobility and electric vehicles. Urbiotica seeks to improve mobility and quality of life by providing essential information on parking availability and regulations. The company advocates the digitisation of cities as the key to efficiently managing urban challenges, promoting the development of more sustainable, efficient and liveable Smart Cities globally.
Our global presence and diverse experience allows them to work in a variety of urban environments and address specific challenges around the world.

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Headquarters location Carrer Guitard 43
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  • AIoT
  • Curb Management
  • Mobility
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Parking Guidance
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Parking Solutions
  • Way finding

Product information

Parking Guidance Solutions - Fastprk

The parking guidance solution consists of detecting the presence of vehicles within the parking spaces or areas to be monitored, and transmitting the information to drivers via variable signage panels and mobile applications. The information is updated in real time and displayed to users in a simple and intelligent way.


  • Enhances parking utilization by providing information about location, regulations, and availability.
  • Reduces congestion and emissions by guiding users and improving multimodal mobility.
  • Increases user and citizen satisfaction

Our Fastprk parking guidance solutions:

Urban Parking Guidance: Reduces parking search time and related traffic congestion by guiding drivers directly to free spaces.

Park & Ride: Promotes the use of out-of-town park & ride zones to encourage drivers to opt for alternative methods of transport.

Tourist buses: Streamlines bus parking in tourist areas and reduces traffic congestion and chaos in busy areas of the city.

Shopping centers: Improves the experience of users coming to the shopping center by guiding parking to free spaces.

Companies: Guide employees and visitors directly to free spaces in the company's parking area.

Trucks: Improve truck parking management by deploying a real-time detection system based on parking space sensing.

Solutions for Parking Control - Parkctrl

The on-street parking control solution involves detecting whether parked vehicles comply with the regulations set by the city. Whenever a violation is detected (such as non-payment, exceeding the maximum parking duration, or unauthorized usage), the agent is directly notified. They can then verify and issue a fine to the violator.


  • Decreases rule-breaking behavior in regulated areas.
  • Boosts the turnover rate in paid or time-limited parking spots.
  • Eases accessibility for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) users.
  • Enhances parking availability for transportation operators.
  • Diminishes disorderly conduct and traffic disturbances.

Our ParkCtrl solutions for Parking Space Control

Loading and Unloading: Ensures the proper use of loading and unloading parking spaces. Improves space availability, reduces chaos, and minimizes costs associated with control through an alert-based automated system.

Pay-per-Space: Reduces fraud in public pay zones and associated control expenses. Increases turnover in parking spots and user satisfaction.

Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM): Controls the proper use of designated PRM spaces. Frees up spots used fraudulently, providing more parking opportunities for those in genuine need. Reduces associated costs through more efficient management based on violation alerts.

Limited Free Time: Encourages proper use of time-limited parking spaces, increases user turnover, and reduces associated costs through more efficient management and control.

Electric Vehicles: Monitors proper usage and enhances space availability. Reduces control expenses through an automated alert-based infringement system.



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