Urbiotica: Alzira Expands the Urban Guidance Project after the Success of the First Installation

- Alzira, Spain
Alzira Expands the Urban Guidance

Alzira is a city in constant growth and change. That is why back in 2018 the city hall and Pavapark, the regulated parking operator at the time, set themselves the challenge of making parking easier for drivers in order to improve mobility in the busiest street of the city center.

The urban parking guidance solution became effective with the installation of 70 U-Spot sensors in the city’s most commercial and centric street, Avenida Santos Patronos, which has regulated parking. Parking guidance reduces the time spent looking for outdoor parking in urban environments and the resulting congestion by guiding drivers to free parking spaces.

Following the success of this project, which reduced parking search traffic and greatly improved mobility, at the end of 2021, Alzira City Council and Eysa (the new parking operator) decided to expand the project with the installation of 53 new U-Spot sensors. The new sensors were installed on Avenida de la Hispanidad and Plaça del Regne street, two streets adjacent to Avenida de Santos Patronos in the city center.

Urbiotica’s single space detection U-Spot sensor works as follows:

  1. The driver drives to a free space guided by the information displayed on the variable message sign. The U-Spot sensor detects the arrival of the vehicle and sends the information to the platform.
  2. The platform collects the data and sends the updated information to the variable message sign indicating there is one less free space.
  3. When the vehicle is removed, U-Spot no longer detects its presence, so it sends information again to transmit that the space is free again.
  4. From U-Admin, the manager can monitor the information published, as well as configure, supervise and consult all the information in the system.

Cities are increasingly starting to digitalize and realize the immediate benefits of improved space and parking management. Therefore, they decided to expand the previous project in order to achieve smooth and efficient mobility, as well as to meet emission reduction targets.

If you are interested in receiving information on how we can help you to improve mobility and parking control, please contact Guillem Terradas at or at guillem.terradas(at)urbiotica.com.

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