Argentinian Municipality of Rosario Adopts Urbiotica's IoT Solutions

Citizens benefit from 1000 sensorized parking spots to improve mobility in the city center

Urbiotica IoT Solutions in Rosario Municipality

Rosario is the largest city in the province of Santa Fe and the third most populous city in the country.

As is common in most huge overpopulated cities, citizens are faced with day-to-day annoying and endless traffic jams. In this specific case at Rosario’s city center, public parking spaces are a scarcity with bottlenecks being caused by vehicles searching for a free spot to park.

Tránsito Rosario, as the city concession parking holder, aimed to add IoT solutions to improve the service for the citizens. Our local partner Gradicom deployed our smart parking guidance solution for Tránsito Rosario, through which cars are guided directly to the free spots. Consequently, this reduced the number of vehicles driving around and therefore improved mobility and citizen quality of life.

The project began with a pilot covering 10 parking spaces. After verifying the functioning of the system as well as its good results during this period, we are about to implement the second phase which will embrace 1000 sensorized parking spots.

Details of the system installed:

  • 1000 single space U-Spot detection sensors
  • User guidance mobile application
  • The U-Admin Parking Control Center for daily management of the system

Find out more about Urbiotica, their Smart Parking Solutions and their Smart Parking Sucess Stories.  

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Urbiotica were established in 2008 with a very clear foundational vision: technology based on wireless sensor networks will transform how we manage our cities.

Urbiotica leads the revolution of the Internet of Things applied to Smart Cities. The projects implemented in more than 20 countries position us as the leading technology company in the development of smart solutions based on sensor systems, designed to manage urban space more efficiently and sustainably.


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