New Roaming Agreements for Urbiotica

U-Spot M2M Parking Sensor Available for Deployment in 14 Countries

New Roaming Agreements for Urbiotica

The new U-Spot M2M parking sensor, officially launched in late 2019 for 7 European countries (Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic), now extends its coverage thanks to new NB-IoT roaming agreement. Seven new countries have been added to this list: Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. Therefore, there are 14 countries now that can enjoy the benefits of this M2M technology.

U-Spot M2M parking sensor means there is no need to deploy any additional communication infrastructure as communication is performed directly via the mobile network. In this way, the cost of the solution is significantly reduced for scattered space applications, and countries where the city’s electrical and lighting infrastructure cannot be used to support the deployment of IoT Gateways. It can ensure a 98% detection reliability and is capable of achieving a lifetime of up to 10 years. It is easily integrated with Dynamic Message Signs, as well as with complete guidance and parking control solutions.

U-Spot M2M Parking Sensor

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Urbiotica was established in 2008 with a very clear foundational vision: technology based on wireless sensor networks will transform how we manage our cities.

Urbiotica leads the revolution of the Internet of Things applied to Smart Cities. The projects implemented in more than 20 countries position us as the leading technology company in the development of smart solutions based on sensor systems, designed to manage urban space more efficiently and sustainably.


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