Urbiotica Promotes Intelligent Mobility in Almeria With Its Smart Parking Technology

Urbiotica’s smart parking technology will revolutionize the way drivers find parking spaces in the city.

The city of Almeria is making great strides towards more efficient and sustainable mobility thanks to the implementation of innovative projects and is becoming a benchmark in the adoption of smart mobility technologies. Through a strong commitment and support from the European Union, the city is transforming its parking infrastructure to offer drivers a more convenient and efficient parking experience.

Urbiotica is playing a crucial role in this project, driving smart mobility in Almeria, through Aluvisa, a specialist in smart mobility systems and the company awarded the contract for the development of this project. The smart parking technology supplied by Urbiotica for this project will be deployed by Aluvisa, which will also integrate it into the mobility management platform it has implemented in Almeria, enabling global and efficient management for municipal operators.

Urbiotica’s smart parking technology will revolutionize the way drivers find parking spaces in the city. By deploying smart sensors in parking spaces, real-time information on the availability of free spaces will be collected. This data will be transmitted to a centralized platform. In turn, Urbiotica’s smart parking platform will integrate data from the city’s underground car parks. In this way, drivers will have access to a global parking guidance experience in the city through mobile apps and information boards. It will significantly improve the parking experience by reducing the time and frustration associated with finding free spaces. Drivers will be able to access real-time information on the availability of parking spaces, avoiding unnecessary circling and helping to reduce traffic congestion in the city.

image of carsUrban Parking Guidance

Reduce the time spent searching for on-street parking in urban environments and the resulting congestion by guiding drivers to available parking spaces.

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To maximise the use of loading and unloading bays in the city and prevent their improper use, which has a highly detrimental impact on general vehicle traffic, the administration will be able to efficiently monitor the system through alerts when fraudulent use occurs or when the permitted parking time is exceeded. By implementing more effective monitoring and better management of these areas, user misconduct will be reduced, allowing for greater turnover in these bays and a significant improvement in the service for transporters.

image of loading/unloading truckLoading and Unloading

Improve urban logistics by performing alert-based control to prevent misuse of these areas.

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In addition to the convenience for drivers, Urbiotica’s smart parking system also benefits the city as a whole. By optimizing the utilization of parking spaces, traffic congestion and emissions of polluting gases will be reduced, thus contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly city. This initiative demonstrates the commitment of the city of Almeria to innovation and the adoption of advanced technological solutions to enhance the quality of life for its residents. 

Urbiotica is playing a key role in transforming mobility in Almeria through its smart parking technology. Thanks to the initiative of the City Council and the support of the European Union, the city is becoming more digitalized and improving day by day. 

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