WPS Announces Strategic Partnership With ARA Industries for Production, Ushering in a New Era of Efficiency and Innovation

- Eindhoven, Netherlands
WPS partnership with ARA Industries

WPS, the leading provider of cloud-based parking solutions, announced a strategic partnership with ARA Industries, a renowned manufacturer with over 60 years of experience, to outsource its production. This move signifies a pivotal shift for WPS, allowing the company to leverage ARA's expertise and infrastructure to achieve enhanced efficiency, increased capacity, and, ultimately, deliver even greater value to its customers.

A foundation for growth and efficiency

Since its inception in 1985, WPS has proudly maintained its production facility located in Eindhoven. However, recognizing the ever-evolving market demands and its ambitious growth plans, the company sought a collaborative approach to further optimize its manufacturing capabilities. Partnering with ARA, known for its high delivery reliability and commitment to quality, provides WPS with several key advantages.

As Paul van den Boogaard, Managing Director of WPS Group, emphasizes: "This partnership with ARA marks a significant step forward for WPS. By leveraging their expertise and scale, we gain the agility and efficiency needed to support our ambitious growth plans while maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. This move lets us focus on what we do best - developing cutting-edge parking solutions and delivering exceptional customer service."

Unlocking the Benefits:

This partnership brings several exciting advantages to the table:

  • Faster response times: By tapping into ARA's capacity, WPS can streamline production, leading to quicker turnaround times and higher inventory levels. This means customers can get the parking solutions they need when they need them.
  • Scale with flexibility: ARA's expertise and economies of scale allow WPS to explore potential synergies, to expand WPS product portfolio offering and to react faster to changing market needs. The partnership between ARA and WPS is built on maintaining the highest quality standards, never compromising value for price.
  • Enhanced product quality: ARA's dedication to WPS’ products allows for stricter quality control measures, ensuring customers receive even more consistent and reliable parking solutions. Their impressive track record, including winning the Best Knowledge Supplier Award 2023, further confirms their commitment to excellence.

Collaborating beyond production

This partnership involves not only outsourcing of production but also WPS and ARA envision a collaborative environment that fosters innovation. By combining ARA's manufacturing expertise with WPS's R&D strengths, the companies will explore new technologies and materials, ultimately delivering cutting-edge parking solutions to the market.

Frank te Hennepe, Managing Director of ARA Industries, highlights: "We are thrilled to partner with WPS, a company recognized for its innovative parking solutions. We share their commitment to quality and efficiency and are confident that our combined expertise will enable us to deliver exceptional value to their customers. We look forward to working together to explore new possibilities and drive further innovation in the parking industry, including supporting the launch of a new product line.”

Focus on core strengths

By having ARA handle production, WPS frees up its resources to concentrate on its main strengths: research and development, project management, customer service and marketing. This enhanced focus translates to a more streamlined and responsive organization, providing an even better experience for its customers.

Giovanni Santamaria, Managing Partner of CERTINA, the owner of WPS, states: "This strategic partnership aligns perfectly with CERTINA's vision for WPS to be a leader in the smart parking solutions market. By focusing on its core strengths while leveraging ARA's manufacturing expertise, WPS is well-positioned for continued growth and success, and ParkAdvance+ is a testament to this innovative spirit."

Smooth transition and order fulfilment

The transition to ARA's production facilities has already begun. ARA has successfully acquired the knowledge and expertise to assemble the ParkAdvance product lines and initiate production at their Aalten facility. At the same time, the production at WPS Eindhoven has been winded down.

Next generation of ParkAdvance hardware

This strategic partnership coincides with the exciting development of the next generation of ParkAdvance hardware: ParkAdvance+. This future-proof product range represents a significant leap forward in parking technology, offering an even more seamless and efficient parking experience. Hence the ParkAdvance+ product line has been redesigned from the ground up. A dedicated press release will be issued soon to unveil ParkAdvance+ in greater detail.

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