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WPS is a specialist in innovative cloud-based parking management solutions. We focus on practical innovations and integrate technologies in order to provide our clients with smart – but, above all, reliable and future-proof – parking solutions designed for today’s and tomorrow’s connected world.

Introducing the new standard:

The WPS Parking Platform is the new standard for operating and managing parking spaces successfully, while adapting to ever changing customer needs.

The WPS Platform introduces a new way of parking: open and adaptive. An exciting new platform that brings together existing and new equipment, from WPS and third parties, software applications and operator services, to deliver a seamless parking solution.

This more open and adaptive approach puts an end to replacing perfectly functioning proprietary equipment, whilst continuously improving both the parking and operator experience.

Our open and adaptive platform, supported by our Marketplace, offers a flexible, scalable and more economical approach to parking management. Owners/operators can now explore and employ new mobility services and operator solutions, extend the lifecycle of current parking systems and add or remove new components. 

The WPS Platform is hardware interoperable. The ParkID parking management system either runs on our ParkAdvance equipment or on third party equipment, using ParkID Connect

WPS Parking Solutions 

WPS is known for exceptional parking solutions which provide ease of use and versatility coupled with outstanding reliability. Our 2020 British Parking Award winning ParkAdvance™ pay on foot solution exploits state-of–the-art system architecture - smart, reliable and future-proof, it delivers industry leading functionality combined with exceptional interconnectivity.

With over 300 professionals across the globe, WPS has established an international install base that handles more than 7,500,000 parking transactions every day worldwide. This makes us one of the world’s leading providers of automated parking solutions. We believe in creating strong, professional partnerships with our clients, and living our Proactive, Reliable and Open corporate values.

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Headquarters location Hoevenweg 11
5652 AW Eindhoven
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  • Access and Exit Control Systems
  • Access Control
  • Automated Parking Systems
  • Automatic Cashier
  • Barriers
  • Car Park Management Systems
  • Card Access Systems
  • Cashless Systems
  • Electronic Vehicle Guidance
  • Equipment Dealers; Installers & Supplies
  • Equipment Service & Maintenance
  • Fee Computers / Systems
  • Green parking
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Parking Software
  • Parking Structure Design
  • Parking Supplies
  • Pay on Foot
  • Recharging station for electric vehicles
  • Revenue Control

Product information

Managing your car park efficiently becomes more and more important. The use of existing information from your business, customer, suppliers and the use of digital devices provides new challenges, opportunities and chances.

Our aim is to simplify all processes around parking facilities through the use of digital web-based solutions combined with robust hardware which creates a synergy between systems, people, information and processes.

WPS Parking Solutions offers a wide range of products and services that guarantee a solution that suits you best.


WPS PAY, the smarter parking payment method, takes the customer experience to the next level by optimizing the parking convenience for parkers. WPS PAY is a flexible payment method, offering easy and instant payment of the parking fee by mobile phone. Searching for a pay station or waiting in the queue now belongs to the past. 

With this modern payment solution, parkers pay their parking fee directly from their mobile phone instead of the pay station by simply scanning the QR-code on their parking ticket or through a strategically placed signage for ANPR only parking facilities.

The parker is instantly directed to the WPS PAY platform where they have the possibility to pay the parking fee with their payment solution of choice and leave the parking facility with a smile.

Parking Software

At the heart of the WPS Parking Platform is our well-established, cloud-based parking management system: ParkID. As a core element of our parking proposition, we pride ourselves on its continuous development to add new functionality, security updates and provide updates and new releases.

Through our open and adaptive approach, we provide both native as well as third-party hardware solutions.  

The powerful WPS platform is hardware interoperable and runs on our ParkAdvance equipment and thirdparty installations. It delivers on our sustainable promise: we minimise our CO2 emissions by using as little (new) hardware as possible. Equipment lifecycles and maintenance contracts no longer stand in the way of optimising occupancy and improving the parking experience.



The ParkAdvance system design is robust, reliable and long-lasting, designed specifically for maximum uptime and intuitive user experience.

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