Super U Stimulates Customer Parking

Supermarkets around the world are facing the same problem; their car park is not only being used by their own customers but also by many others parkers.
logo_super_u.gifAs a result, customers of the supermarket have to park their car somewhere else, or even worse, go to another supermarket where they can park their car. WPS Parking Systems has developed a unique solution that gives France-based supermarket chain Super U more control over their own car park.

To prevent losing customers because parking spaces are being occupied by people who are not even customer of the supermarket, Super U was looking for a solution that would give them more control over the car park. While standard solutions required an interface between the supermarkets cashier system and the parking management system, Super U preferred a solution that required less integration without losing flexibility. WPS was able to provide a customized solution that gives supermarket management the same options as a standard solution but did not require any interface between both the supermarket cashier system and the parking management solution.

Main feature of the solution is a parking voucher issued by the supermarkets cashier. This voucher gives customers a discount on their parking fee. The discount the customer receives is freely configurable by supermarket management but is usually based on the grocery expenses.

As a result customers of Super U supermarkets pay less or even nothing for using the supermarket car park while other parkers pay the complete parking fee. This way Super U makes its car park less attractive for random parkers, leaving more parking spaces available for own customers. The WPS solution not only gives Super U supermarkets more control over its own car park, it also allows them to reward loyal customers with a higher discount on their parking fee.

Although this new and innovative solution was first developed for Super U supermarkets, others have already shown interest in the solution. Large shopping malls and warehouses see the advantages and benefits of this open and flexible solution.


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