Heijmans Safety & Security and WPS Parking Systems Improve traffic flow at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven

WPS Parking Systems at Eindhoven High Tech Campus

The High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the smartest square km in the Netherlands with more than 150 companies and institutions and around 10,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on future technologies and products. Due to this high concentration of companies, the parking pressure and traffic intensity on the campus is high.

There are 9 parking garages and 2 parking lots on the campus grounds to meet the parking needs. In the past, the parking garages have been provided by WPS Parking Systems with a vehicle counting system and signs indicating remaining capacity. With the sharp increase in the number of companies and employees, the traffic on the campus also increased, creating the need for an extensive traffic information system for the entire site. The aim of the system is to reduce traffic jams on the campus and access roads, thereby achieving better traffic flow and reduced CO2 emissions. In close cooperation, Heijmans Safety & Security and WPS Parking Systems have designed and set up a Parking Route Information System (PRIS) for this purpose.

The project includes the renovation of the parking system in the parking garages and the installation of a new system on 2 parking lots. To this end, directional loops have been installed that guarantee accurate counting of the relevant parking facility. The existing central equipment that processes the counts has been replaced by the advanced ParkiD parking management software and associated ParkAdvance controllers from WPS Parking Systems. With this, the system is future-proof. Expansions with new functionality, such as parking based on access control or license plate recognition are easy to realize. Modern information signs have been placed on the access roads, on the campus grounds and per garage, showing the number of available parking spaces in real-time.

With the new PRIS, visitors can see immediately on arrival at the campus how many places are available in the garages, regardless of which direction they arrive. By displaying clear and reliable information about the available parking spaces, the efficiency increases. This results in fewer waiting times and also creates better hospitality for customers and visitors of the campus-based companies.

Since the realization of the PRIS phase 1 of the project has been completed, Heijmans Safety & Security now focus on traffic flow and route information advice in the second phase of the project. With the aid of cameras and special software, the correct route advice will be given, both regionally and locally. The users of the campus can then be informed of local traffic jams by means of a speaking app and on the basis of that they will receive the correct advice on which entrance to the campus site they can make the best use of. Users on the campus can receive advice on which nearest garage is available and which route is the most optimal one.

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