WPS LPR - No more tickets required

It is a challenge to hotels all over the world; how to manage parking for their guests? This was no different for Novotel in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The solution? A WPS parking management solution with integrated license plate recognition. Parking tickets are no longer required, because hotel guests enter and exit the hotel's parking facility based on their license plate.
novotel.jpgJohn Klein Herenbrink, Sales Adviser at WPS Nederland, explaines: Novotel has a private parking for its guests. However, the hotel is situated next to a slip road onto the A2, which means that many people use the car park for carpooling. This resulted in there being sometimes insufficient parking spaces available for hotel guests. Novotel was looking for a satisfactory solution to prevent this.' Furthermore, the solution offered had to be clearly visible from the public road so that carpoolers would no longer use the car park for carpooling. But, at the same time, a quick and flexible flow through the entry traffic was needed to prevent backlogs on the main road.

With integrated automatic license plate recognition, WPS has provided a smart solution to this specific situation. Hotel guests can drive in and out on the basis of their license plate. This does not only provide quicker circulation, but also increases convenience for hotel guests. 'Other visitors, such as restaurant guests, also profit from the automated license plate recognition solution. Using a special online recoding unit at the hotel's bar, a visitor's ticket can be recoded, enabling the visitor to drive away based on their license plate', John continues.

By using the latest technologies WPS has provided a solution that contributes to a comfortable amd sustainable hotel visit. 'When leaving the car park both the license plate and the recoded ticket are scanned. Immediately after scanning the ticket it is swallowed by the exit terminal. Because a large parking facility, like Novotel, uses a signifcant amount of paper tickets, swallowing these tickets reduces the litter to a minimum', concludes John. 'This solution is not only the answer to a specific parking challenge, it also contributes to a cleaner environment.'


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