WPS - Parking In Style

Even at one of the most luxurious hotels in the Netherlands cars have to be parked and preferably in style. So when the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam asked WPS for a parking management solution, we looked together with the architect at how we could incorporate the parking equipment within the complete design, explained Andy van Doorn, Sales Adviser at WPS Nederland.

The recently opened Conservatorium Hotel is the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. Situated in the historic centre of Amsterdam, close to the Concertgebouw and the P.C. Hoofdstraat, parking is of course a challenge. Luckily the hotel had its own underground parking facility, continued Andy. Visitors and guests at the hotel can report to the reception without having to worry about the car; this is parked by the hotels valet parking service.

To ensure that not just anyone can use the hotels parking facility, a triple access control has been devised. Access to the multi-storey car park is protected successively by a bollard, a barrier and a speed-gate. The hotel employee parking the car can open these various barriers with his or her mobile phone, thus gaining access to the multi-storey car park.

The Conservatorium Hotel was designed in collaboration with one of the most renowned and illustrious designers in Italy, Piero Lissoni. Because modern parking equipment doesnt fit within the 19th century design of the hotel, we looked together at how we could solve this neatly. A good example are the bollards. These bollards are sunk into a large block with a metal top plate. As this metal plate doesnt fit flat in the total plate, an alternative solution was made especially for this assignment. Instead of a metal top plate, a construction was devised in which the top of the sunken block forms part of the street. In this way it looks as though the bollard comes up through the street.


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