Quercus Technologies Rounds Out Its Outdoor Guidance System with an Information Totem

Quercus Technologies is launching its outdoor digital information Totem

To make its offering of guidance solutions even more comprehensive, Quercus Technologies is launching its outdoor digital information Totem. The Totem informs users entering and driving through an outdoor parking lot on the availability of parking spaces on the main and secondary aisleways, and restricted areas, and the direction to take to reach them, in real-time. This is a major step forward to streamline mobility and automate the parking facility.

The information signage that can be achieved with the Totem is specially designed for outdoor or rooftop parking facilities, where parking guidance systems are needed to improve the parking process and maximize the occupation of the available spaces. One of the most common complaints that parking users make about the facilities is the lack of directional signposting at key points of the lot or garage. Digital signage brings much more from a guidance perspective than directions painted on the floor or on columns, which, in fact, are easy for drivers to overlook. The signaling achieved with equipment like the Totem can be set at the height of drivers’ eyes. It is a catalyst for increased visibility by the user and with it, a better overall parking experience.

The Totem shows the number of available spaces and the direction to take to locate them in real-time. It is a visual guide that offers directions to drivers accessing the parking facility, which makes it much easier and more convenient to find a parking space in record time. The SC Outdoor system sends all of the information on parking space availability to the Quercus Technologies parking software platform, where the data gathered are processed and transformed into useful information shown by the Totem in real-time. This management system centralizes and inter-relates the information gathered by all of the products that make up the comprehensive parking solution, to have complete and much more accurate control over the parking lot.

                          Totem shows the number of available spaces and the direction to take to locate them in real time   Totem shows the number of available spaces  Totem shows the number of available spaces 

A Totem’s added value lies in its interoperability with the rest of the products that make up the outdoor parking solution through the BirdWatch software platform. The perfect combination of SC Outdoor cameras, matrix LED panels, and now, the Totem, all adds up to increased satisfaction of parking facility users, by cutting down on congestion and raising vehicle rotation rates inside the parking facility. It should also be noted that the outdoor guidance system dovetails with the equivalent indoor system in the case of mixed parking garages.

The different functionalities of BirdWatch, along with this new device for outdoor use, enable the generation of reports that identify parking usage patterns, and with them, continued work on improvements that raise profitability, achieve efficient parking management, and added security on the premises where they are deployed.

How Does the Outdoor Guidance System Improve with a Totem?

  • Space occupation notification for parking lot operators and users.
  • Display of data in real-time
  • It can be combined with other types of signage already being used in the parking facility
  • Promotes dynamic parking space searches
  • Designed to be high-performance, and high-visibility, in outdoor use scenarios
  • Indication of available spaces with numbers and colors (green, orange, or red). Colors will change depending on the availability of parking spaces
  • Designed specifically for outdoor and rooftop parking facilities
  • Compatibility around the world (according to the regulations of each country)

Installation of a Totem meets one of the key requirements for optimal parking operation and management. Digital signposting empowers parking facility operators to show their essential information at key points such as entrances, or at intersections. Totem technology is suited to any outdoor parking area and can either be installed at the center of the lot or on one side of the sidewalk.


  • Totem with 1 or 2 displays. The two-display model has been designed to show the occupancy of two-way lanes.
  • 4 versions of the Totem: With an arrow to the left, to the right, in both directions, and without arrows.

 4 versions of the Totem: With arrow to the left, to the right, in both directions and without arrows.

Technical Highlights

Size (width x length x height)  35 x 35 x 195 cm / 13.77 x 13.77 x 76.77 in
Weight 35 kg / 77.16 lb (1 display) / 38 kg / 83.77 lb (2 displays)
Material Internal structure of zinc-coated iron. Aluminum casing and protective covers. 
Color White (RAL 9016 Traffic white) / Anthracite (textured anthracite gray RAL 7016) 
Protection Level IP65 (water, dust, and contact-resistant)
Power supply 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
Number of digits 2
Digit height 117 mm  / 4.6 in
Digit color Green, orange or red
Signaling arrow Reflective paint (UV protection) on the front frame
Communication LoRa (wireless communication system)

About Quercus Technologies

Quercus LogoQuercus Technologies offers optimal solutions for any type of parking facility, maximizing efficiency in its management, and improving the customer's parking experience. The company develops and manufactures highly technological products that aim to improve mobility and security in parking facilities and it is known worldwide for its highly reliable license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Quercus' solutions include All-in-one LPR units, parking guidance, LPR-based spot monitoring units, light per space systems, LED displays, kiosks, and the innovative software parking suite, BirdWatch, that relies on all these smart technologies and provides total control of parking facilities.