ImPark: Cloud Based Parking management from WPS

WPS Parking Systems Cloud Based Parking Management Impark

With 28 years of parking experience WPS Parking systems comes up with a web based parking management solution they engineered themselves. The in house R&D and product management department started from scratch with a solution that is suitable for every parking facility and designed to manage multiple parking facilities remotely.

ImPark combines the Parking Management Systems of several car parks into a single system. By doing so, it adds whole new possibilities and functionalities. One of the key principles behind ImPark is its modularity: organizations can decide for themselves which functionality offered by the system they want to use. Each module has its own data storage and connection and is set up in such a way that it can be installed and operated without the other modules.

The modules offered by ImPark system are ParkControl, ParkAdmin, ParkReport and ParkReserve.


WPS Parking Solutions ParkControl

With ParkControl, operators can

manage multiple car parks from a single location

. It gives them an overview of what is going on in each car park and allows the operator to take full control each of the remote car parks.


WPS Parking Solutions ParkAdmin

ParkAdmin allows centralized administration of multiple car parks. The benefit of centralized administration is that you can configure your policies once, and then apply them to all of your car parks.


WPS Parking Solutions ParkReport

ParkReport can create and run reports with information about multiple car parks, for instance about all financial transactions that take place within each of the car parks.


WPS Parking Solutions ParkReserve

ParkReserve adds functionality for reservations, allowing customers to reserve a parking space in a car park. Because the ImPark system controls multiple car parks, it can check the availability in all car parks.

WPS Parking System - ImPark

Easy integration

The ImPark system is set up in such a way that it allows easy integration with the organization's existing system resulting in the ability to add functionality to the system that the management and employees already use.

Managing your car park efficiently becomes more and more important. The use of existing information from your business, customer, suppliers and the use of digital devices provides new challenges, opportunities and chances. We want to simplify all processes around parking facilities through the use of digital web-based solutions combined with robust hardware which creates a synergy between systems, people, information and processes.

About WPS Parking SystemsWPS Parking Systems

WPS Parking Systems, a member of the Imtech group, was founded in 1985. With over 300 professionals across the globe, WPS has established an install base that issues more than 7,500,000 parking tickets every day worldwide. This makes us one of the world’s leading providers of automated parking solutions.

WPS works for airports, hospitals, local governments, hotels, leisure, shopping malls and parking operators; providing WPS off street parking solutions, parking management and cloud based parking management solutions.