How WPS adds to the vacation experience of camping car tourists

Last month WPS Parking Systems and Camping-Car Park, a France-based company that operates stopover areas for camping cars, announced the signing of a strategic agreement. As part of this agreement WPS will supply parking management and central control equipment for stopover areas throughout France.
Mrs Bruel and Mr Morice, co-founders of Camping-Car Park, explain how it works: We noticed a growing number of cities that banned camping cars from the city centre, forcing camping car tourists to spend the night at stopover areas on the highway. Besides being unsafe, these stopover areas are not designed for camping cars and do not offer the facilities needed by camping car tourists. Our goal is to offer stopover areas that are safe, convenient and offer all basic functionalities for camping car tourists.

Management of all Camping-Car Park stopover areas in France will be done remotely from a central control room. From this central location, Camping-Car Park can control and manage all stopover areas. WPS does not only supply all access control equipment for these stopover areas, it also provides the IT based management solution for both the local stopover areas and the central control room.

Members of Camping-Car Park can enter the stopover areas with a proximity badge, while those new to the concept use an access code they receive via a text message. There is no need to make any reservations, availability can be checked instantly on-site.

'We have chosen WPS for their reactivity, worldwide presence and their willingness to adapt their product to our concept', Mr Morice continues.

We are very pleased with this partnership with Camping-Car Park. Their concept will add to the vacation experience of camping car tourists and we are proud to be part of this, according to Mrs Boyer, Business Unit Manager WPS France.

Camping-Car Park plans to develop 1,500 areas over the next 5 years and to have between 60,000 and 80,000 members over the same period. The goal is to open 100 areas before the start of the 2012 holiday season. The first installations, in Nantes and in Vannes, both in France, are already completed and the concept is a success.

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Pascal Appel