ParkID™: Parking Management Software by WPS

ParkID™: Parking Management Software by WPS

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ParkiD™, WPS’s car park management software suite sits at the core of ParkAdvance™. With its unique fully IP based modular architecture, ParkiD™ has been specifically developed for today’s interconnected world enabling you, for example to manage CCTV, payments, parking management and your other systems through a single integrated network. Using well-structured processes, clear interfaces and the latest in software design thinking, we keep parking simple, reliably managed and easy.

Key features

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ParkiD™ supports financial functionality ranging from coin and note cash management to chip & PIN and (where available) contactless payment.

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A whole range of access identifiers are supported including barcode technology, WPS RFID cards, third party RFID cards, NFC smart phones and ANPR. These can even be used in special to further improve car park operation and support specialist schemes such as ‘Pooling’, ‘Self-Managed Subscribers’ and Loyalty Programmes.

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ParkiD™’s extensive management reports and statistical tools provide clear, detailed and easy-to-use operational and financial data on the performance of your car parking to help you to refine your approach and continue to achieve the very best results. ParkiD™ comes with a comprehensive set of standard reports but bespoke reports can also be created.

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Station screens can now display more information (for example guidance videos to assist customers at the paystation). Screens are remote viewable and can be flexibly updated from your control room. Consumers can buy and renew parking ticket products (such as weekly passes) from the paystation. Marketing and loyalty related information can now be used to interact directly with your customers by, for example, their smart phones. Subscribing customers can also manage their car park payments through the internet.

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We know that your parking requirements can change over time. Because of ParkiD™’s smart IP based modular design, it has never been easier to update and adjust the configuration and interconnectivity of your overall parking management solution to keep pace with your developing needs.

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Other services and opportunities add further to system capability, including: online and remote backup; reservations directly interfaced to web based services; loyalty schemes integrated with online apps; and payment through 3rd party apps.

IP based architecture

Whether your parking facility is small / large, or your company exploits multiple carparks that must be managed centrally, WPS offers a solution to every parking operation.

ParkID architectureThe third tier

The digital revolution turns functionalities into apps. By our IP based architecture we can now connect to third party apps via our ParkiD™cloud software. This way you can make your payments go mobile and your reservations online.

The second tier

Secondly, parking software is needed to make your parking process work. Reliability and security are of essential need to make sure payments and clients are optimaly protected. All event happening in the parking operation produce valuable data which can be used to finetune the parking process and get insights into your clients behavior and your business.

The first tier

The parking operation begins with the parking action from the client. Hardware is still a obligatory feature that allows people in and out of your carpark. ParkAdvance offers the optimal parking experience for both your client and the carpark operator.


About WPS Parking SystemsWPS Parking Systems

WPS Parking Systems, a member of the Imtech group, was founded in 1985. With over 300 professionals across the globe, WPS has established an install base that issues more than 7,500,000 parking tickets every day worldwide. This makes us one of the world’s leading providers of automated parking solutions.

WPS works for airports, hospitals, local governments, hotels, leisure, shopping malls and parking operators; providing WPS off street parking solutions, parking management and cloud based parking management solutions.