WPS and Imtech introduce 'Green Moves'

Providing sustainable solutions to all kinds of parking challenges is one of the focus points of WPS Parking Solutions. Together with Imtech, WPS's parent company and one of Europes largest technical service providers, WPS started the project 'Green Moves'. This project focuses on sustainable solutions in the fields of mobility and infrastructure.

WPS Park & Recharge

One of the first results of 'Green Moves' was the introduction of WPS Park & Recharge one year ago at the Intertraffic 2010 in Amsterdam. Park & Recharge is the first recharging solution for electric cars that is integrated with a parking management solution. Nominated for the Intertraffic Innovation Award in 2010, this sustainable solution uses the latest technologies and standards in the field of electric recharging, such as Type 2 Mode 3 connectors. By adapting to these standards, the WPS Park & Recharge solution is not only in line with the current market requirements but also ready for the future.

Smart Grids

There are many customers, especially municipalities and local governments that are looking for sustainable solutions to their specific challenges. One of these customers, the municipality of Zaanstad in the Netherlands, supports and promotes the use of electric cars. Key to stimulating the use of electric cars is the availability of recharging stations. Together with WPS and Imtech they have decided to install 18 Park & Recharge stations in a multi-storey car park in Zaandam. The number of recharging stations will gradually be expanded to 60 recharging stations.

Angelo Peeters, Manager Business Development at WPS, explains: Charging an electric car requires quite some capacity of the energy network. Our knowledge of recharging combined with Imtechs knowledge of electric networks and smart grids has resulted in a tailor-made solution for the municipality of Zaanstad. By combining several energy networks we have created a smart grid that prevents the network from overloading if too much power is required and at the same guarantees a standard capacity needed to recharge electric vehicles.

Green Rally

To further promote and stimulate the use of electric cars the municipality of Zaanstad is one of the sponsors of the Professional Passionates Electric Rally on June 5. Starting from the car park in Zaandam this rally will take 100 electric cars to the center of Amsterdam. Goal of this event is not to win, but to convince as many companies as possible to replace their existing company cars for electric ones. Several Dutch celebrities, such as former Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers and Dutch minister of Finance Mr. de Jager, will participate in this event. WPS and Imtech will facilitate the event and provide the necessary recharging stations to make sure all 100 electric cars reach the finish in Amsterdam.

Offering sustainable recharging solutions and facilitating the Professional Passionates Electric Rally are only a couple of the results of 'Green Moves'. A project that takes parking to a next level and introduces new and sustainable solutions into the fields of mobility and infrastructure.

For more information regarding the Professional Passionates Electric Rally see this animation.

Latest Professional Passionates Electric Rally Compilation from Butch & Sundance on Vimeo.

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Established in 1985, WPS (with 250 employees a worldwide service provider in high-tech parking solutions) has always looked beyond standard Park and Pay systems. With a continuing focus on end-to-end solutions customers enjoy tailor-made results to every unique challenge presented. For more than 25 years WPS has pioneered the parking solutions that become industry standards. WPS was the first company in the world to incorporate barcode technology into parking systems, a technology which was quickly adopted across the industry. WPS continues to innovate, with the ParkID solution, which again raises the bar of user-friendly and operator-profitable parking solutions. WPS customers around the world are today providing the most reliable, hassle-free parking every hour of every day, for parkers in cities across the world. WPS is part of the stock exchange listed technical services company Imtech.

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