WPS' City Solution in Norfolk

For the past year, WPS Parking Systems has been working with the City of Norfolk, Virginia, USA, to enhance their extensive parking operations. The city is currently in the middle of a successful renewal. This not only consists of upgraded parking facilities, but also includes new office, retail, entertainment and hotel constructions in the downtown area.
WPS was contracted to improve 11 of Norfolks parking facilities as well as integrate third party software, making the City of Norfolk the largest WPS site within the North American market to date.

The City of Norfolk is the cultural, educational, business and medical center of eastern Virginia. The metropolitan area hosts the worlds largest naval base, the regions international airport and is one of the busiest international ports on the East Coast of the United States. 

Largest Parking Facility in the US

The City of Norfolk owns and operates one of the largest publicly owned parking facilities in the United States. To meet the needs of numerous visitors, residents and downtown workers, Norfolks Parking Division maintains the citys parking system. This includes more than 14,000 parking spaces, which generates over $21 million annually.

General Manager of the WPS USA Eastern Region Office, Sandy van Leen, explains, We were very excited to be working with the city on a project of this magnitude and nature. Besides the installation of more than 80 lanes with WPS parking equipment, this venture also incorporated some unique and specialized products for the city.

One highlight of the Norfolk project is the MacArthur Center, located on Monticello Avenue in the citys downtown area. This specific site has 22 lanes of traffic to accommodate the customers shopping in the centers one million square feet of retail space. A debit card system is used for temporary and store workers. Access cards are debited for each use and can be recharged at the City Parking Office, states van Leen.

WPS Hotel Solution

An additional project highlight is the York Street Garage, another of the 11 parking garages that is upgraded with a WPS parking solution. This garage is a seven level structure with about 600 parking spaces, controlled by multiple entry and exit lanes. The nearby Residence Inn utilizes this city garage to provide close and convenient parking for hotel customers. One of the exit lanes is hotel guest only and required integration of dedicated software, van Leen continues.

By using the WPS Hotel Guest Check-In Solution, a short term parking ticket is easily converted into a hotel subscriber ticket. During check-In, the parking ticket is scanned at the hotel front desk and the guest information is entered in the Hotel Guest Check-In Solution. At this point the hotel guest can use his or her ticket to enter and exit the nearby York Street Garage for the duration of their stay.

Integrated Solutions

Not only is the WPS Hotel Guest Check-In Solution integrated, but in order to offer enhanced overall parking operations and management, WPS also integrated Paris, an Integra Park solution. This solution supports management, control and accountability of the approximately 13,000 access cards that are being managed by the Norfolk City Parking Division.

A Next Step

WPS was able to renew the citys parking facilities within one year of signing the contract which has been a great achievement for both WPS and the city. We are extremely pleased that we succeeded in meeting the citys requirements and happy we were able to exceed their expectations. We are proud to have completed a project of this size and we look forward to more projects of this scale in the near future, states Sandy van Leen.

With the City Norfolk undergoing such revitalization, the population and tourism numbers are expected to increase. This expansion will result in further cooperation between WPS and the city as the next step of the citys renewal is planned. This upcoming phase will include the construction of three additional parking garages with WPS equipment and the integration of two additional hotels to the existing WPS Hotel Guest Check-In Solution.

WPS' parking solutions and the City of Norfolk, now and in the future.

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