WPS Integrated Park & Ride Ticket Management Solution

Located close to junction 21 of the M1, the 9.2 million state-of- the-art, environmentally friendly Enderby Park & Ride interchange is a joint Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council project.

Project challenges

A number of key criteria needed to be met within the scheme, all of which had to be addressed and resolved in a way that would enable them to perform efficiently as an integrated whole:

  • No barriers at the entrance to the car park to ensure that there are no vehicle queues, which would hamper adjacent traffic flow
  • A system that ensures car park occupation is solely and exclusively by those using the bus service
  • Payment made on the bus rather than within the car park, in compliance with current HMRC guidelines
  • Identification of car park users
  • Data sharing between stakeholders

The WPS Integrated Park & Ride Ticket Management Solution

park2(c).jpgWPS won the contract for the car park by devising a unique and highly innovative solution for Enderby Park & Ride.

It not only fully meets the project's challenging operating criteria but also works as a robust, integrated system that provides convenience and speed for service users and smooth functionality for the stakeholders. Encompassing the WPS BC-Easy parking system integrated with nine unique, WPS-designed bus ticketing units, the individual elements of the solution comprise:

  • Alligator Teeth (single direction flow plates) at the entry point to ensure unimpeded traffic flow along the approach route
  • Ticket-controlled exit barriers
  • Payment and issue of a single barcoded ticket on the bus that serves three purposes:
  1. Validation of payment for the bus journey
  2. The same ticket raises the exit barriers, ensuring that car parking remains exclusive to bus users
  3. A single transaction for Park & Ride users making it simple and convenient for them
  • ANPR at both entry and exit to ensure security and car park user identification
  • Data sent to a central system with web-based log on enabling permissions-controlled stakeholder access to management and reporting information

Technical merits of the solution

Parking system Ticketing units
  • Fully automated compact BC-Easy parking system
  • State-of-the-art barcode technology
  • Operates on Windows platform
  • Efficient DDA-compliant lost ticket pay station system (outside the bus terminal)
  • Customizable future-proof software
  • Easy installation with an operation that provides lower costs
  • Central data management
  • Centralized web hosting reporting system (planned for the future)
  • On-site maintenance with intercom provided
  • No additional costs from cash collection as the bus company collects the money
  • Unique WPS innovation & design
  • Entire system fully provided including installing units on buses
  • Training for bus drivers provided
  • Easy use by touch screen for ticketing (by the bus drivers)
  • Barcode links to car park exit barrier
  • Single ticket validates the holder of bus journey
  • Activity data is captured for management purposes
  • Sophisticated software system enables quick  & simple tariff calculations ( 1 day, weekly, 4-week, 10-trip, and concessionary ticket)
  • 'Standalone' basis for other bus stations also included (no need to use a separate device)

Convenience for service users

  • Single ticket for bus ride and car parking
  • Single point of payment
  • Quick, convenient and easy to use
  • Ticket can be retained as a receipt or for participation in a bus operator promotion

A unique partnership

Development of the WPS Integrated Park & Ride Ticket Management Solution was carried out in partnership with all of the Park & Ride scheme's stakeholders: Leicester City Council; Leicestershire County Council; Veolia Transport, operators of the buses - branded the Quicksilver shuttle; Tarmac National Contracting, appointed by the Council as the scheme's constructioncompany; WYG Transport Planning, the project consultants; and the Council-employed security company manning the site.

Delivery of the solution was by WPS's UK team, with continual liaison and interaction with the site's contractors crucial to ensuring that the project ran efficiently and productively for all concerned. WPS also provided training for the security company on relevant aspects of the system as well as full training for Veolia Transport's bus drivers. Although the Enderby Park & Ride service has only recently begun operating, it is proving to be extremely successful, and the Council is looking to implement the WPS Integrated Park & Ride Ticket Management Solution at other Park & Ride sites.

Commenting on WPS's solution, Tony Kirk, Passenger Transport Unit Group Manager, Leicestershire County Council, said:

"We required a bespoke tender linking on-bus ticketing to car park barrier control, and WPS offered the most robust solution. There is no system like it in the UK, and although the bus drivers were initially sceptical about something that didn't look like a ticketing machine, they warmed to it very quickly and find it very easy to use. We are also selling marketing space on the tickets, with the WPS system enabling us to print vouchers on them relating to special offers and discounts at city centre retail outlets. A large number are being presented in stores, confirming the flexibility of the tickets and helping to give the Park & Ride service a premium quality feel. The system will also enable us to offer reduced bus ticket costs to regular travellers through longer time span tickets, and we will be working with businesses to offer regularly commuting employees 13, 26 and 52-week tickets through salary sacrifice."

Eco Award for Enderby Park & Ride

The Enderby Park & Ride scheme won a prestigious eco award at the Midlands Constructing Excellence Awards in October 2009. Sustainability measures include incorporating ground source heat technology into the terminal building, use of low carbon emission buses and a parking area drainage system where rainwater tanks feed into a balancing pond to prevent flooding and encourage new wildlife habitats.

WPS's Integrated Park & Ride Ticket Management Solution contributes to the scheme's sustainability focus by reducing paper use through the issue of a single ticket.

About WPS UK

wpslogo.jpgFounded in 1985, WPS UK provides, operates, manages and networks on and off-street parking solutions for enforcement, access control, revenue generation, security and integration.

The company was the first in the industry to use barcode technology, and is a pioneer in electronic payment for parking systems. Its high quality integrated software and hardware solutions - including pay stations, security, entry, exit and barrier control terminals and traffic enforcement technology and systems - support shopping centres, supermarkets, local authorities, car park operators, hotels, hospitals, universities, airports and the leisure industry both nationally and internationally.

WPS is part of the Imtech Group. Headquartered in Gouda, Holland, Imtech is a European technical service provider in the field of information and communication technology, and electrical and mechanical engineering. The company has over 200 offices in Europe, some 22,500 employees and revenue of 3.9 billion €.

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Aimed at easing traffic congestion and cutting pollution, the scheme,
which launched mid November 2009, provides 1000 parking spaces and a cost-effective, low-emission bus service into Leicester city centre every 10 minutes.

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