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Thursday, July 14, 2022 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET/11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT



How to Optimize Your Parking Operations Using AI

Cities worldwide are getting more congested and the current unavailability of car parks on most congested roads or its fastest-growing areas put more cars on the road without improving congestion. Amid the pandemic, more and more citizens are opting for personal commutation which is causing higher congestion and unpleasant travel experience.

Government and Councils along with the Department of Transport and other authorities are exploring various recommendations to ease traffic and target an increase in public transport usage to improve traffic conditions.

Parking officers are walking on the street to ensure no infringement goes undetected; however, they have to depend on a manual process for checking parking violations and issue printed paper tickets which in many cases get carried away due to wind and ignored by few citizens, or incorrect tickets are issued due to human error, sometimes, resulting in heated confrontations putting officers’ safety at risk.

With so many critical sites within each council and the current dependence on a manual process to detect and enforce infringements, the parking industry needs smart solutions to tackle the challenges and shortfalls of traditional parking enforcement with new and innovative technology.

SenSen’s Parking Management Solutions is a comprehensive way to empower authorities to positively transform people’s lives using cutting-edge Sensor AI technology.


Subhash Challa, Executive Chairman & CEO

Subhash Challa, Executive Chairman & CEOSubhash founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the University of Technology Sydney where he was Professor of Computer Systems. Subhash is a world-leading authority in data fusion specializing in the analysis and fusion of video and sensor data.

Born and raised in India, Subhash received his Ph.D. from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia in 1999. Part of his Ph.D. studies were conducted at Harvard University (1997).
Subhash left his successful career in academia to join SenSen full-time as CEO in January 2012. As the CEO and CTO of the company, he led SenSen to win a number of innovation awards.

Ben Pisch, Smart Cities Account Manager

Ben Pisch, Smart Cities Account ManagerAs a former customer of SenSen during his time working for the Calgary Parking Authority, Ben saw first-hand how our technology can dramatically improve business operations. An operational management professional with over 8 years of experience, Ben has worked within a range of organizations, including Municipal Governments and Universities. He understands the complexities of operations at all levels and is focused on providing AI solutions that can help solve problems and increase efficiencies. Ben is based on the West Coast of Canada, where he was raised and graduated from the University of British Columbia. He enjoys spending time with our current and prospective customers, often working with them in the field, exploring new ways to enhance operations.

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Sensen is the world’s leading enterprise Data Fusion solutions provider specializing in using Sensor AI to solve previously unsolved enterprise business problems. We venture into a daring organization continually reinventing. Our customer-centric approach to solving problems is driven by a frontline team of domain experts and data scientists. They help define user requirements and guide the development of innovative solutions customized for each unique operational environment. Yet all products in the SenSen suite are configurations of our groundbreaking software platform “SenSen’s Distributed Intelligent Sensor Analytics” - SenDISA, bringing the comfort of a proven system with extensive real-world success behind it. We have deployed multiple applications across law enforcement, transport, gaming, retail, and transportation. Our solutions can be expanded into other sectors as well so watch out as we roll out solutions for logistics, manufacturing, defense, mining, education, sports, and more.

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