Parking News Bulletin 2021 Third Edition

Parking News Bulletin

In this week's parking news bulletin let's look at what's been happening in the parking industry around the world. 

Construction is an often overlooked part of the parking experience. Arguably, however, a good parking experience begins with the foundations of the facility. From the planning phases right through to the actual build phase, it is essential to maximise the space available and ensure it's suitability for the purpose. If construction is your bag, you may find the following links interesting:

University parking has been a hot topic of late, with a number of universities turning towards parking product and service providers for assistance to improve their parking offerings. Here are some recent links to news on campus parking:

Paid parking is a topic that often annoys parkers. At times, whether for seasonal purposes or otherwise, some parking charges may be waivered. Here's the latest in the news related to this topic:

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