STOPA Install Fully Automated Parking in Madrid

Just 216 Meters Squared for 71 Parking Spaces

STOPA install parking in a gap 12 meters broad and 18 meters deep.

The fully automated parking system in the Goya quarter in Madrid is a truly exceptional project. In a tight gap of only 216 m2 between the surrounding buildings, 71 fully automated parking spots, spreading over four levels were realized.

The gap was merely 12 meters broad and roughly 18 meters deep. To fit 71 parking spots into this narrow space, digging was inevitable. 20 meters deep, to be exact, which is a masterpiece of structural engineering and architecture considering the closeness of the other buildings and foundations. To succeed in this ambitious endeavor, the planning team and the construction workers had to work very closely together with stolzer.

As Easy As Entering a Carwash After parking the vehicle on the pallet, the driver triggers the fully automatic parking process via a terminal mounted on the side.

The Calle de Goya running past the building site is a two-lane street without any stopping options at the side. Thus, before entering the actual parking solution, a rest stop had to be installed in front. Here, the driver can easily bring his vehicle to a halt, before the roller shutter opens up and allows the entry to the transfer room. A control display, mirrors, and four sensors facilitate the exact parking of the vehicle on the submersible pallet. To ensure nothing can drop into the underground area of the parking solution, the edges of the ground floor and pallet are lined with small brushes, sealing off the tiny gap of 15 Millimeters. With the help of the terminal mounted at the sidewall, the driver can easily hand over the vehicle to the parking system.

Automated, Secure And Easy Parking 

Now the parking process is completed fully automatically, precisely, securely, and very fast. The stolzer parking solution provides parking spots for vehicles up to 1.65 meters in height, and on the lowest level, several slots for SUVs with a height of up to 2.0 meters. Upon retrieving the vehicle, the turning table ensures that the vehicle is already in the direction of travel.

Fulfills the Most Important Requirements of the Architect

From an architect’s perspective, the stolzer parking system meets important requirements: the space available is used to a maximum and all legal provisions are taken care of. The fully automated parking systems of stolzer are always individually planned and developed in close communication with the respective client.

About STOPA 

STOPA is a leading manufacturer of automated parking systems and storage systems for sheet material and long-span goods in Europe. The product line ranges from stand-alone applications to integrated automated modules. With 40 years of practical experience, including the installation of complex plants, and more than 2,000 systems installed worldwide, this independent company possesses unique know-how with regards to product quality and process security, process automatization, and software development.


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